The Power of The Present! (And how to train the mind to BE present)

So, yesterday we talked about the Marvelous Mind.

One of the most amazing aspects of the Mind is IT CAN TRAVEL! Human beings are the only created beings that can use their mind to TRAVEL to the past and TRAVEL to the future.

This is an exciting reality and could be a blessing! But, too often it becomes a curse because when the mind travels it remembers the pain of the past or the doubt and uncertainty of the future.

This is a habitual way of being for most people and is “natural”.

But, you are called to be “Super Natural”. (That’s why you read my blog!)

We know the most powerful space to be in is the PRESENT. It is in this present moment that ALL beauty, power, clarity, abundance and harmony exist.

It is this present moment that has the power to transform the past and create your future.

How do you train your mind to stop traveling to the past and the future and to stay in the present?

Well, there is an extraordinary and effective way to MAKE SURE your mind is present. And that is…

To Be In Love!

Ha! Yes, you read that right. The latest research in neuroscience has proven that the mind stays present when YOU ARE IN LOVE.

It actually makes sense. Think about it. When you’re in love you just want to BE! You don’t have the need to travel to the future (and create a better life). You don’t have the need to travel to the past (to remember the ‘good ‘ol days.)

When you are IN LOVE you just want to BE in love, right here. Right now!

And, you don’t have to have a ‘significant other’ to be IN LOVE. You can create your own level of being IN LOVE by choosing to:

Be IN LOVE with Yourself and the amazing miracle of beauty and possibility YOU ARE!

Be IN LOVE with the People in your life who ENRICH every moment of your day! Just thinking about that friend, child or colleague makes you SMILE!

Be IN LOVE with Your Career and the exciting opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to others!

Be IN LOVE with Your Life and the privilege it is to be alive at this time in history!


Being IN LOVE begins with ACCEPTING all things exactly how they are… CELEBRATING for all that it is and for all that it isn’t.

Wow! What a powerful context to come from. Just imagine what you’ll begin to attract when you are resonating at this powerful state… celebrating the PRESENT MOMENT and being IN LOVE with it.

Will you ‘take this on’ today? Give it a try and notice the RESULTS being in the present moment (and being in love with it) will bring you.

Choose to be IN LOVE today.

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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