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Do You Hate Valentine’s Day? The Power of Perception!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Dear Friend;

“I hate Valentine’s Day,” I overheard a lady grumble this to some poor soul on the other end of the telephone. “It’s a 15 billion dollar a year holiday that people get sucked into and overspend on chocolates, flowers and expensive dinner.” She barked. “And I don’t like being reminded that I don’t have a Valentine this year.


Sitting at a table near this lady was another lady dressed in a red dress and matching red shoes. She had a plate of heart cookies on her table and several small boxes of chocolates. For the next hour I watched her give the small chocolate boxes away to anyone who commented on them. The plate of heart cookies were reserved for her sister who was meeting her that day for a coffee. She was obviously a Valentine’s Day fan and was genuinely happy to celebrate the LOVE she got to create in her day.


It got me thinking about the power of perception and how every experience we have is created good or bad by our perception of it! Every holiday, event, circumstance, relationship and even challenge is created good or bad by how you SEE it; your perception of it.

And, even more important, is the reality that your perception actually attracts MORE OF THE SAME. Cynicism breeds more cynicism. Insecurity creates more insecurity. And, doubt fosters more doubt.

While love generates more love. Laughter fosters more laughter. And, success activates more success.

So, how are you doing with this?

What are you willing to alter in your perception of your life? Love? Your Body? The level of your success?

Powerfully choose to shift your perception about the topics that mean the most to you and YOU WILL USHER IN a whole new realm of possibility, happiness and power!

To your success!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS ~ I want to hear what you think of this topic! Post your comments! What do you think about the power of perception?