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Mastering Your Craft

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Today, I toured the Vatican. I saw the most incredible beauty and design. Saint Peter’s Basilica is breathtaking! You walk in and see a HUGE cathedral filled with statues, art work, marble columns, painted ceilings, tapestries, and, of course, Bernini’s Cupola.

This famous Baldacchino with its huge arches made of bronze and gold has four spiral columns that nearly reach the ceiling! Created around 1633, it rises above the Tomb of Saint Peter.

Bernini’s Mastery…

Then, I toured the Sistine Chapel. Before I saw Michelangelo’s famous ceiling, I listened to the history of his journey from my tour guide.

Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the 12 Apostles, but the artist wanted to do his own creation (invention) and so refused the assignment ~ several times. When Pope Julius II finally gave Michelangelo the ‘ok’ and full Creative right on May 10,1508 (the date on the contract) Michelangelo went to his teacher and mentor to help him master both a design and his craft. (Remember, Michelangelo’s expertise was sculpting, not painting.) He chose to MASTER his craft and spent the next 4 years painting his Masterpiece.

The ceiling is curved (not flat), so Michelangelo had to arch his back and paint upside down and bent back. It is said that after the 4 years his body was in so much pain that he thought he was going mad.

But, the level of Mastery that he brought to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling is beyond impressive. And because of that, 30,000 people go to see it a day!

When I walked into the Sistine Chapel and saw Michelangelo’s ceiling for the first time, I was moved to tears.


It made me think about my own calling I have been given; and evaluate my commitment to Mastery…

What about you?

No matter what you are called to do in this part of your life, do it FULL OUT! Whatever your purpose is, choose today to Master it. Hire a coach. Take a class. Get mentored. Read even more. Study your craft. Practice and CHOOSE to be a Master at what you do.

You will leave a remarkable legacy!

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.