Philanthropy and Happiness!

What is Philanthropy to you?

Most people would say Philanthropy is selecting your
favorite charity to fund with money and time.

All people agree that philanthropy and making a
difference for others is the most rewarding part of
their life!

My kidsd and I love sending and receiving letters
from the children we support through Compassion
International. We enjoy going to “Boca Helping Hands”
and serving lunch to the homeless.

And yet… there’s more!

My intention today is to help you expand your
view about Philanthropy.

While volunteering, financially supporting and giving to
your favorite charity is Philanthropy and a gift you
bring to the world.

The most rewarding gift you bring to the world is
“YOU, At Your Best!” “YOU, Happy and Fulfilled!”

My business Coach, Randy Gage says, “If you want to
help poor people, don’t be one of them!”

We can say the same thing about other areas.

“If you want to help depressed people, don’t be
one of them.” “If you want to help sick people,
don’t be one of them.”

That’s the context I’m encouraging you to come from in
the conversation of philanthropy. The best contribution
you can give to your family, community, country and the
world, is the BEST version of YOU showing up to Life
every day embodying gratidude, joy, love, abundance!

Every day you have the opportunity to shift the energies
on the planet by you being happy, choosing love, creating
success, communicating joy, generating possibility,
ushering in a ‘well being’ and BEING these ENERGIES.

The intention is to Allow happiness, love, success and joy
to actually embody YOU.

So, how ya doing with that?

And, a better question is: “How Good Will You Let Life Get?”

It’s usually our own limiting beliefs about SUCCESS and
BEING HAPPY that keep us from them. So, what do you
think now about philanthropy? And what are you willing
to do in YOUR life to embody joy, gratitude, prosperity
and share yourself with others… AND CELEBRATE THAT IT BRINGS YOU JOY!

Let this be your new mantra for this week:

“When I Am Wealthy, everyone wins!”
“When I Am Happy, I create happiness!”
When I Am Fulfilled, I Am Contribution!”

It’s about realizing YOU HAVE A CALLING
(an assignment) that’s been given to you…
and this assignment (calling) brings meaning
to your life as well as a lot of joy!

So, how happy will you allow yourself to be?

Fufilling your assignment brings meaning
to life… and that is PHILANTHROPY!

Philanthropy is volunteering, financially supporting
and giving to your favorite charity…

AND, it’s “YOU, Fulfilling your Assignment by
Sharing the Best Version of YOU with the World!”

So, how are you doing with this?

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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2 Responses to “Philanthropy and Happiness!”

  1. Rodrigo says:

    I like the energy of this blog, it’s contagious! I agree with you on philanthropy..

  2. lisajimenez says:

    Excellent! Thanks for your comment Rodrigo.

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