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Wheels Up Tour City #17 Carmel, CA. “The head and heart of business”

Dear Friend;

It may be the majestic views of the California coast, spending the weekend in stimulating conversation with college friends, or maybe it’s the wine tasting experience in lovely Carmel, but something has made me extra introspective this weekend and it’s great!

As my college friends and I were sharing our most profound lessons in life, I got present to one of mine:

“Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart.”

That philosophy has served me well when I launched my business and felt so much fear and insecurity. At the beginning stages I was way too cautious. I cared too much what people said and how I looked…. until I didn’t.

Today, I see this same process in my coaching clients. They allow fear to keep them small… until they don’t.

Their limiting beliefs cause them to sabotage… until it doesn’t.

They are timid… until they aren’t.

Their sales presentations are scattered and wordy… until they aren’t.

Are you getting the point here?

Before you’re really great, you’re just okay. And, before you’re just okay, you may be, well, horrible!

Bottom line, manage your expectation of success and allow for your learning curve.

Never let failure go to your heart…

The other part of that philosophy is just as profound.

Never let success go to your head.

Is it time for you to rev up your passion for your craft again?

Where can you stimulate growth? What new idea, formula, process, or invention could you bring to your business model?

Creating success is just the beginning. Expanding that success; enhancing the possibilities, mastering your craft is where the real work begins. But, that’s where all the deliciousness of life is!

How big can you take your business? How creative can you make that path? How deep and significant can your create those relationships?

In other words… How good will you let it get?

Give yourself permission to be bold, wild, and unreasonable with your possibilities. You are created to grow and experience limitless possibilities.

Even if you don’t act on some (or most) of your outlandish ideas, the process of thinking about them and formulating the possibilities will keep you sharp, interesting and passionate!

(BTW, success is a bi-product of being sharp, interesting and passionate.)

In Love and Appreciation,

(You’re an entrepreneur! Lucky YOU!)


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Retrain the Brain and Attract Success (Tap Into the RAS)

You have an amazing “system” in your brain called

“The reticular activating system” (RAS). The RAS is a set

connected nuclei located in your brain stem and works as

a phenomenal filtering system. The RAS is like a gate

keeper who allows only the things they are told to allow

past the gate. Here’s what that has to do with you…

In every moment there are over 2 million bits of sensory

information bombarding your sensory data system.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were aware

of all these bits of action and information?

You’d go insane!

So, you have a RAS to help you filter all this stimulation.

Your RAS lets in and processes about 5 – 9 bits of

information in any given moment.

So, I’ve got a question for you…

What do you think DECIDES which 5 – 9 bits of

information pass the gate keeper (the RAS)?


level of vibration those most active thoughts create.)

If you want to “Attract More Success” then program your

THOUGHTS to represent the RESULTS you want!

The brain thinks in pictures, not words. so picture what

you want.

Remember, your RAS filters out everything that doesn’t

support your most prevalent THOUGHTS and causes

you to SEE what matches your most common thoughts.

Picture this…

Let’s say we were having a conversation and I began to

tell you about my White Maserati with Licorice Red

Interior and you began picturing my White Maserati

with Licorice Red Interior; what type of car do you think

you’d begin seeing on your drive home?

Yes! You guessed it. You’d begin noticing White Maserati

with Licorice Red Interior!

This is your RAS at work…

Whatever you THINK about, your RAS goes to work to


Just imagine the implications of this!

What would your RESULTS look like if you began

programming your RAS to see and attract Leaders for

your business opportunity, the ideal clients, your dream

home, fun and exciting travel!

Your RAS will filter out EVERYTHING ELSE and

cause you to notice only the things, the people

and the opportunities that you have trained it to see.

Give the RAS and spin today! Train yourself and

your THINKING. Plant your desired thoughts and

pictures in your RAS and watch what you begin to


What a gift. We are truly magnificently made!

You have the power to make it a miraculous day;

by focusing your thoughts and feelings on good,

beauty, love, laughter, peace, and JOY!

Your attention to these thoughts and feelings will

bring the people, ideas, and experiences of those

very thoughts and feelings. Watch what shows up!

I want the best for you!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

PS If you are ready to train your brain and focus

your thoughts on what you REALLY want to be,

do and have in life, get registered for the Costa Rica

Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program! We launch

the program in 2 weeks! Find out more here:

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Wheels Up Tour! Day 38: Do Less; Have More.

Hello Friends!

I’m checking in from Delray Beach on Day 38 of the Wheels Up Tour!

I’m hanging out with my kids on Spring Break and resting… Doing less in the past 2 days and noticing how much more I am attracting!

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Do less; have more?”
This philosophy has always been counter intuitive to me. However, I am noticing the profound truth behind it. When I quiet my mind and focus on clear intentions, great things show up!

Yesterday, I woke up early, walked to the beach, sat under a beautiful tree and meditated for over an hour; focusing on our beautiful planet, appreciating all things in my experience, praying blessings over specific people in my life…

On my way back home, I was surprised to see a Health Fair going on. I decided to check it out. The vendors were still setting up their booths. One particular booth was already set up, so I walked over to it. Janice was sharing her new invention; arm-toning bracelets that you wear as you do daily tasks. Great invention!

Her life story was so intriguing to me. I listened intently as she told me about other inventions she launched and sold for great profits. Then she asked me about what I do. I told her about both my companies. She told me she has been LOOKING FOR a business coach. We met again later that day.

I was in the right place at the right time…

That evening I gave an informal, “Dragon Slayer” presentation and briefly shared information about my Mastermind Retreats and Coaching Programs. Two people ran up to me after my talk and asked to sit down with them and share more. Within 45 minutes, I heard both their stories and shared the results they will get with my coaching, they both registered for the Retreat and Coaching Program.

I was in the right place at the right time…

The next day, I shared the story with a candidate who has been “thinking about” joining the Costa Rica Mastermind Retreat. At the completion of that conversation, he registered and we set up his first Coaching Call.

I was in the right place at the right time…

These “God winks” still amaze me! And they are available for YOU! Do you believe that? Do you believe great things happen to you when you are aligned, joyful, confident, appreciative, and other-centered?! If you want to begin ushering in even more, “God Winks” where you’re just in the right place at the right time…
Here’s what to do next: You need to BE:

Aligned: Quiet your mind and tap into your heart.

Joyful: Express child-like thoughts and behaviors.

Confident: Know that you are Divinely guided and well equipped. (And let your life LOOK LIKE you believe this!)

Appreciative: Notice all the blessings. Train your brain to only see the beauty and goodness in all things.

Other-Centered: Share your alignment, joy, confidence, and your appreciation with others!

THAT is how you Create “being in the right place at the right time” and when you do, you will have created an Amazing Life… which is your Birth Right!

I’m heading up to Palm Beach and the Hippocrates Institute where I’m taking some classes from founder, Dr. Brian Clement. I’ll check in from there.

In the meantime, Richest Blessings to you, and Wheels Up!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Day 35: Checking in from City #11 on the Wheel Up Tour ~ Santa Rosa, Florida!

Hello Friends!

I’m in City #11: Santa Rosa, Florida! I love this adorable town with its powdered sugar beaches, quaint shops and restaurants, and warm-hearted people who look you in the eye as they send salutation your way! In the center of the town is the post office; with its white steeple and billowing American flag, Santa Rosa beckons a call for gratitude and self-reflection…

There’s just something about the cozy ambiance that leads me to introspection. THAT is the greatest benefit of this WHEELS UP world tour. It’s giving me the opportunity to grow my capacity. In expanding my capacity I can help even more people, even more deeply.

“You Can’t Lead From Behind!”

What can you do today to grow your capacity?

I’m heading to Delray for a few days of vacation with my kids. Then, on to city #12: Palm Beach, Florida where I’m visiting the Hippocrates Institute and taking some classes from Dr. Brian Clement who founded it. Have you heard of this amazing place?

I’ll check in with you from there!

In the mean time, Wheels Up!
Love and Appreciation,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Wheels Up Tour: City #10: Destin, Florida!

Hello Friends!

I’m checking in from the Emerald Coast. I’m working with my top leaders from LifeShotz and presenting the, “DRAGON SLAYER” message for the 2nd time. As I am continuing writing the book and presenting the message across the nation, I watch the impact this message has and am open to hearing your thoughts.

Will you watch the 45 minute preview of the Dragon Slayer and send me your comments? I would greatly appreciate it!

Please go to my YouTube station (the link is on my website at and click on the Dragon Slayer preview video. Send your comments to

I’m staying in the Emerald Coast for a few days to write in side-walk cafes. Come over and say HI. I’m the one with my laptop open tapping away at it!

Love and Appreciation,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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