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Do you believe that everything that is happening in your
life is occurring because of YOU… and the thoughts and
beliefs you have?

We talked last blog about being the “Common Denominator”
of your life. YOU are the Common Denominator and YOU are
creating every result in your life.
Your thoughts and beliefs CREATE your Mind-Set. And this
Mind-Set attracts RESULTS.

So how do you improve your Mind-Set?

For the next several posts I’ll be training on the most
effective way to

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improve your Mind-Set and that is through
your Intellectual Faculties.

You, along with every human being has 6 Intellectual
Faculties that help you experience life and CAUSE
results in life.

What separates humans from lower animals that are controlled
by their environment – is our Intellectual Faculties.
Active use of these faculties is what helps you rise above
your environment and CAUSE circumstances and results that
you desire.

The intellectual faculties are imagination, reason,
intuition, perception, memory and will.

Today, we’ll talk about MEMORY.

Memory is the faculty of retaining and recalling past
experience. You have control over what you choose to

Can you imagine how much more powerful you’d be if you
trained yourself to remember only the times you were
brilliant, effective and inspiring with prospects?

You CHOOSE what you remember through your Intellectual
Faculty of MEMORY.
If you give energy to your past failures (we all have had them)
you will continue to fail; if you give energy to your
past successes (we all have had them) you will continue
to succeed.

Choose today to replace any negative memory with a good
thought, an empowering memory.
Tap into the Intellectual Faculty of MEMORY by training
your Mind to recall empowering memories that inspire you
to Be GREAT today… because you are.
Tomorrow we’ll continue our conversation on the
Intellectual Faculties and how you can tap into them to
CREATE the results you desire.

Always Creating,


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