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Are Your Goals Too Small?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Several years ago, I heard of a radio station giving away several free trips. Anywhere the winners wanted to go, they could go.

Just stop here for a minute and ask yourself, if you won a free round trip ticket, where would chose to go?…

These winners could choose Prague and enjoy a carriage ride through Old Town, or Sydney and bungie jump from the Sydney bridge or see a ballet in the Sydney Opera House. They could choose Stockholm and tour the famous Vasa, the ship that capsized and sank in 1628 and spent 333 years on the bottom of the sea! (Don’t even get me started on magical Paris or the enchanting city of Florence!)

Shockingly, over ninety percent of the winners chose destinations that were within 500 miles of their home!

Why is that? Why do most people settle. They settle for mediocrity in their relationships, their jobs, their friendships, and their own lives.

There is so much to see, experience, and attract in this vast world and yet most people have extremely low-level expectations and uninspiring goals. Is that you? Are your goals for this month to: make all the bills, have enough for the kids’ soccer, ballet, or tuition, or is your goal to be able to pay off credit cards and other debt.

While these goals are valid and may bring a certain level of satisfaction. They are stifling to the human spirit. In a universe that is infinite with a Creator who is omniscient, small goals and low-level expectations are BORING and uninspiring to that part of you that is infinite.

When you give yourself permission to entertain a bigger vision for yourself, you open up portals of possibility that would never have existed before.

When I was gifted a car at our company convention last September, I was elated with this generous thank you gift. And, you bet, I was surprised. But, before the event, I decided not to purchase a return airline ticket. I gave myself permission to entertain the idea ~ the slight possibility ~ that I would be gifted a car at the convention and didn’t need a return flight as I would be driving my new car home!

The cool thing about giving yourself permission to dream big, is the inevitable space you create of “even more”… The “even more” that was created for me occurred when I was about to drive my new car from California back home to Florida. I was having lunch with a client in Newport Beach, California when my cell phone rang. It was my realtor telling me my Florida home sold as a cash deal and the buyers wanted to know if I could be out in 3 weeks!

I was startled by the news and wondered how I was going to drive my car across the country and move out of my home AND find a new home all in 3 weeks.

My client shook me out of my startled state when he said, “Lisa, you’ve been talking about moving to California for years. Looks like you’re getting your vision handed to you on a silver platter.”

He was right. With my Florida home sold and my new car already in California, I was being given the “even more” which was my longtime dream of living in Southern California.

I called a realtor that day and booked an appointment. Within a few hours I found a beautiful place on the water to rent in Newport Beach; signed the deal, put down the deposit, and was on my way to California living!

Life will give you exactly what you expect. And, when you give yourself permission to dream big, you open up portals of possibility that will delight and inspire you!

One of my favorite Bible versus is in Ephesians where it says, God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine. He’s just waiting for you to ASK and to IMAGINE!

If you want to see and experience more exciting, interesting, and expansive opportunity, give yourself permission to raise your level of expectations. You can learn exactly HOW to identify and breakthrough limited thinking in Chapter 7 of my book, Slay the Dragon! Learn how to expect the big, miraculous, and expansive experiences life is waiting to give you by ordering your copy today! Go to:

It is truly possible to find anything you look for. You just need to change what you’re LOOKING FOR!

To your success,

~ Lisa

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Do You Set a Goal For Your Failures?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Hello Friends!

When you set your goals for 2016 did you include any goal for your failures?

I know it sounds crazy and while you’d probably not set a goal to fail, the thought brings up an intriguing question…

Do you have a fear of failure so you only set goals that you know you can achieve? Fear of failure is normal. I mean, come on, we were all raised with the belief that the opposite of success is failure. But, that’s not true! The opposite of success is not failure; the opposite of success is not trying or giving up. That’s failure.

When asked about failure at Google, Peter Norvig, research director said, “Failure is inevitable. We just try to fail faster.”

That’s such a great perspective! If you set a goal to fail more often and faster, there’s a good chance that the impact of a potential failure won’t be that great and you will have built up a strong resilience muscle.

When you ask successful people about failure, they will tell you that they see failure as feedback to change course of direction.

Here’s what you do next time you experience failure: First, make a note about what you learned from the failure, get excited about what you just learned and move forward quickly. Second, see yourself as an awesome risk taker and an unstoppable force! You just proved it by experiencing failure and moving forward fast.

The context to come from is: My life is supposed to have failures!

Giving myself permission to fail unlocked self-induced shackles and rocketed my next level of living. Last year I rented out my Florida home and traveled all over Europe and America to write my book, Slay the Dragon and to work with my Life Matters Teams. This year I sold that Florida home and moved 3000 miles west to the California coast. I experiened faliures and disappointment with these two goals. But with my new perspective of failure, it didn’t matter how many challenges I experienced or if I failed with either of those goals…

LIFE WAS CALLING and I chose to answer!

What about you?

Are you willing to stretch what’s possible ~ even logical ~ for you this year? That stretch into the illogical is where I invite you to go! Look at your new year’s goals and add a few more that are improbable, illogical and will most likely fail. You just never know what seems improbably or illogical to you today (with your current mindset) is just what the future you knows is reality and logical for you tomorrow.

The ONLY way to usher in a new level of results is to usher in a new level of thinking. Take the cap off your thinking. Give yourself permission to get comfortable with failure and success will get comfortable with you.

Richest blessings,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Lisa Jimenez helps people break through fear and self-limiting beliefs to get into ACTION and achieve their goals. As an author, international speaker and business coach, Lisa teaches people how to retrain the brain and create the mindset they need to build a successful business and life.

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Goal Setting With a Twist

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Happy New Year!

As we close out 2015 and launch into a new year, I invite you to

apply a new way of setting goals and New Year’s resolutions.

I trust you’ll find this helpful and inspiring!

Step 1: Choose to be complete with 2015 for all that it was and

for all that it wasn’t. Decide to accept and appreciate the lessons

learned, the goals achieved or not achieved and BE complete with

the year… Now you have a blank canvas to create upon.

Step 2: Get present to your values and what matters most to you.

With those images in your mind, stand in the final day of 2016

(yes, I said 2016) from the future; the final day of 2016; look back

at the year… What are you most proud of? What happened in 2016

that you are most thrilled about?

Write down the most delicious accomplishment in each of these areas:






Step 3: How will your life be better because these goals and dreams

were realized? How will others benefit from these goals being


How will you celebrate the reality of these goals being realized?

Write that down and craft a movie of you celebrating the success of

these goals really happening! (It’s most beneficial to really milk

this part.

Get wild and creative with your movie script of what your life is

like now that these goals and dreams are a reality for you!)

Step 4: Read this movie script and watch it in your imagination

EVERY DAY in 2016; starting on January 1st and continuing EVERY

DAY for 365 Days. This part of the exercise is the most important

habit you can create to ensure that living these dreams and goals


Please understand that the ONLY thing getting in the way of you

achieving your goals is YOU and how your brain is wired.

In order to change all that you must change the wiring of your

brain; also called transforming your mindset. That’s what you

are doing every time you “watch this movie” in your mind and

FEEL the reality of your new life.

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s

real and what’s made up. It will just take on your made up movie

as REALITY and start to literally give you the GENIUS ideas,

connections, and way of being that you’ll need to accomplish

your goals and dreams.

So, do the work! Do the internal work needed set your brain

in the direction of achieving. If you do this internal work and

obey the promptings your brain will start to give you, it is

inevitable that you will live the life you desire.

If you need more help with this process, read my new book,

Slay the Dragon! How to get out of your own way and get what you


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May you experience your best self in 2016.

Sending you waves of LOVE,

~ Lisa

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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brain to achieve your 2016 goals and dreams.

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