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Are You a Mercedes, Ford, or a Lamborghini?

Friday, January 15th, 2016

“We’re going to let our business grow organically,” he said

as we sat down to do a strategy session for his business.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s code for, “We’ll only do the business

when we feel like it.” You and I both know that if we only “did” our business when

we felt like it, we would be broke!

It’s like a writer who only writes when he’s inspired. Really?

I’ve written 3 books and I can speak from experience most days I had to make myself

“be inspired.”

I’m a runner and there are some days, I gotta just put on those running shoes and

get out the door before I feel inspired to run my daily route.

Your business grows from the cause and effect, reap what you sow

principle. In other words, You gotta DRIVE your success! And when

you do, you will organically grow an exciting, profitable business;

One that will give you a sense of accomplishment that is even better

than the riches you’ll also experience.

So, let’s use the analogy of you driving a car…

Step #1: Choose what car you want to drive. Let the car represent your

way-of-being and your desired life style. This is what you’re “living into”.

Knowing that everything is created in the imagination, FIRST; you must

begin seeing yourself in this car; this way of being; this quality of life.

Whether you want to drive a luxury car, sports car, or a souped up truck,

YOU GET to DECIDE on what type of car you’re driving.


Don’t wimp out here and don’t make your decision on what others say

or what you think is ‘doable’. Really go deep with yourself and be

authentic to choose a car that bests represents the lifestyle and

way-of-being that inspires you.

So, step #1 is decide on your destination and on the way you want to

get there. That’s your car… Now, the next step is you need to turn the


Step #2: Start your car and DRIVE it everyday.

I love road trips! I’m just getting back from a 3 day, 2000 mile road

trip all over California, Oregon, and Washington. These 2000 miles

gave me time to study, think, discern, and most importantly… IMAGINE

(really live out in my mind) my delicious dream life.

I allowed my imagination to go wild with creativity which stretched my

current goals and desires. I fantasized about what I really want and lived

that dream life in the reality of my imagination.

In this state of inspiration, great ideas came to me. Ideas around

marketing, exposure, growing my teams. These ideas were innovative

and matched the vision I was seeing (and feeling) in my imagination.

Then, something incredible began to happen… The people who I was

thinking about partnering with called me! We booked meetings, follow

up, and even a speaking engagement came from those acts of inspiration.

The next step in our car analogy is enjoy the detours and wrong turns on

your path to your ideal life.

Step #3: Enjoy the detours. Lighten up on yourself, already… Geez!

I took some wrong turns on that road trip and even got lost for a bit.

But these detours had me enjoy a hole-in-the-wall and delicious Mexican

restaurant and meet a new friend. I enjoyed being off course as it brought

a new perspective, adventure, and even a much needed cup of coffee!

Stop being so hard on yourself. You waste time and energy sulking in your

error; and you focus too much on yourself! Next time you make a mistake,

notice it, learn from it, and quickly move on with the perspective, “Every

day in every way I’m getting better and better!”

So, that’s my car analogy for choosing, attracting, and driving your success
right in to your ideal life!

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Rich blessings,

~ Lisa

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Are YOU secretly sabotaging YOUR success? Take the QUIZ to find out!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Imagine a BIG production company came to you with a huge budget and a line-up of the biggest names in Hollywood to make a movie of your life.  Tell me, would anyone want to go see it?

And, if they did, would it be pegged as a great adventure; filled with outrageous risk and incredible quests? Would it be a famous suspense movie; peppered with dramatic failures where you turned victim to victory? Would it be an empowering love story – a heart-warming example of a person who knows how to put themselves out there an really risk love and life!

In other words…
What is YOUR perspective of YOUR failures and set-backs?
What do you make them mean?
QUESTION #1: Are You Willing to RISK in love and life ~ even if bad things have happened to you?
And, if the movie of your life is too boring because you hide behind failure, set-back and perfection, where did you learn to do that?
QUESTION #2: Have You Collapsed What Happened to You With Your Self-View?
If you have created a self-view where you see yourself as one who has to work extra hard, get beat down before you can win, lose everything before your story (your life) counts for anything, you have created a habitual pattern of FAILURE!

This is a wiring!

Your brain is set at these destructive patterns. THIS is what’s keeping you from making it big in your business ~ and in life!
THESE subconscious beliefs, decisions and habitual patterns have been holding you back and keeping you stuck for far too long! It’s time to learn how to break through these patterns and stop sabotaging your success!

If you resonate with any of this, then I’ve got one last question for you.
Are you willing to do the subconscious work necessary to identify and break through these destructive habits?
If you answered, “Yes!” then keep reading…

I’m just returning from a 5 week sabbatical where I have spent hours of introspection reviewing and analyzing all of my client’s (and my own) stories of how we turned sabotage into success. I’ve identified five culprits of sabotage. (I call them dragons).

These 5 Dragons are a part of every breakthrough! Let that be good news to you! There are only 5 Dragons that you need to identify and overcome to create a profound breakthrough ~ a radical transformation in your business and life.

I promise you, just like all of my coaching clients, when you finally deal with these 5 Dragons of sabotage your businesses will take off; you’ll have an abundance of energy and ideas, prospects will show up and money will come flooding in like MAGIC…
But it’s not magic at all. It’s just your BIRTH RIGHT breaking through.

When you unlearn a lot of what you’ve been taught, you’ll retrain your brain to perform at much higher levels (More of WHO YOU WERE in your most imaginative youth!)

Again, it’s not magic. It’s not even the Law of Attraction (yet). It’s just YOU releasing a lot of crap that’s been holding you back. It’s just YOU getting rid of habitual patterns. It’s just YOU revealing untapped potential. It’s just YOU becoming the best version of yourself.  It’s just YOU giving it all you’ve got ~ happily, joyfully and with ease!

And… All you need is all you’ve got!

If this resonates with you, maybe  you’re ready to go through this type of Coaching Program with me.  I’ve hired a branding coach, a PR Team and an agent to help me with the launch that’s coming in December. The launch includes international speaking tours, a new book, an online community, and this Coaching Program!

You can be a part of our launch…

My new branding is called, The Dragon Slayer! The tentative title for Speaking Programs and book is, Zap the 5 Dragons of Sabotage!
I’m offering a preview Video-Based Coaching Program with an online community that you can be a part for 30 Days at the awesome price of just $97.00 (The full fledged launch will be in December and will start at $497 a month.)

The Dragon Slayer Coaching Program will give you:
1.) Access to my “Dragon Slayer” Online Community;
2.) Video Lessons from me on EACH of the 5 Dragons and a complete process on HOW to break through and slay each one.
3.) There is one catch…

When you complete the 30 Day Coaching Program I ask that you fill out a survey after the course with your thoughts, opinions and advice on how I can make it even better! (Please only include ideas on how to make it better in this survey. I get dozens of compliments about my coaching programs and while I love that, I’m looking for brutal honesty; even criticism to create THE BEST Coaching Program possible!)

So, if you’re ready for the “Dragon Slayer” Video Coaching Program and Online Community, and you’re willing to fill out the survey at the completion of the 30 Day Course, get registered NOW!

I thank you in advance. You’ll learn in the first video what happened in my life to cause my radical transformation and why I am so passionate and more committed than ever to helping you with yours!

See you in the first video soon!

Your Dragon Slayer,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Did You Really Want That to Happen?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Did You Want That to Happen?

The answer to that question is, “Yes,

you wanted that to happen!”

It’s easy to take responsibility when

something great happens in your life.

But what about the bad stuff? Do you

realize a part of you caused (wanted)

that to happen, too?

Maybe it’s procrastination; an argument

with your business partner or your wife;

or a constant feeling of overwhelm…

There’s a part of you that is actually

choosing that!  Consider this:

All human beings have innate needs.

If you are not getting these innate

needs met on a healthy, conscious

level, you will sabotage your life to

ensure they get met!

Freud once said, “We are insatiable

beings. We always get our needs met.”

So, let’s talk about a few of these innate needs.

Three of the most important are:

1.) Need for excitement (uncertainty)

2.) Need to feel important (significance)

3.) Need for solitude

Just imagine your life being consistent,

and even routined. If you aren’t getting

your innate need for excitement met on

a healthy, conscious level, you’ll begin

creating drama in your life just to rev

things up a bit.

The most common sabotage behavior is


There’s quite a payoff to waiting until the

last minute to complete a project and then

having to run around, create stress, and

feel fully alive to get that project done!

The other common sabotage behavior that

gets those innate needs met is attracting

drama. There’s nothing like a little drama in

your life to rev things up a bit ~ or a lot!

I once had a client who actually said to me,

“Lisa, my life is a soap opera and I am the


Wow. When I repeated those words back to

her and asked her to discern what she just

said, she was shocked.

“We are insatiable beings. We always get

our needs met!”

What about your innate need for solitude?

If you aren’t getting this need met, you’ll

actually create an unhealthy circumstance,

like an argument, to finally be alone.

Another client of mine used to come home

from work and instantly stir up an argument

with his wife. This would lead to a heated

discussion that would end with him slamming

the door behind him so he could be…

ahhhhhhh… ALONE!

“We are insatiable beings. We always get

our needs met!”

Whatever occurs in your life, good or bad,

there’s something in it that you NEED.

My hope is that this message will be your

wake up call to tell the truth about your

innate needs. Look at your life and notice

the behaviors that are screaming out, “sabotage!”

And then, ASK for what you need. Get your

innate needs met on a healthy, conscious basis

and you will be happier and more fulfilled.

To Your Best Life!


PS  If this message resonates with you, consider

joining my Quantum Leap Coaching Program and

Mastermind Retreat. I am a master at identifying

sabotage and blind spots and then helping you

to radically break through them.

Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life!

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Are Your the Problem?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Are You the Problem?

In yesterday’s message I taught about Ineffable
Intelligence and how to become more aware of it in
your life.

Let’s jump into an exercise to help you tap into the
realm on Ineffable Intelligence by finding a solution
to a specific problem.

I want you to notice an area in your life that is just
not working. Sure, you may come up with several.
But just choose one. Get a specific area or problem
you want to cause a breakthrough in.
It may be a weight challenge. It could be a financial
or relationship issue. The importance of just
choosing one in this exercise is it give the mind
clarity, and clarity is power.

So, imagine in your mind one specific challenge.
Name it.

Now, be radically honest with yourself and notice
where you’ve allowed this challenge to completely
run your emotions, your actions, and your life!
Notice how you’ve collapsed who you are with
this problem. Notice how you distinguish yourself
AS this problem. You may have even gone so far
as to label yourself as this problem.


Now, I want you to picture yourself coming out of
the problem. In your imagination I want you to
separate you with your problem. In your mind,
see yourself standing next to your problem.

Now, grow yourself ten times bigger than the
problem. Look at that picture. You are 10 times
bigger than that problem. Notice!

This simple mind exercise does 2 things:

1.) You create the truth that YOU are NOT your
problems. You are separate from your problems.
Problems and challenges are just a part of
living a great life and they do not define you.
YOU are not divorce. YOU are not foreclosure.
YOU are not job loss, or financial burden, or
any other challenge you are dealing with.

Your challenges are over there, outside of you.

When you stop identifying yourself with your
problems, you create a whole new access to
solving the problems!

2.) You create the truth that YOU are bigger
than the problem. In fact, when you see your-
self outside of the problem, you now can see
yourself as the source of the solution! If you
are not defined by your problems, then who
are you? The answer is; you are whoever
you say you are! You are pure possibility;
genius solution finder; more than enough;
equipped and more than a conquerer!

And this new way of thinking gives you a
self-view of leadership! Just watch how you
drive your behaviors to lead you to the solution
of the problem or challenge. Because after all,
that’s why you were given the challenge in the
first place!

You can do this thing. Go get ‘em Tiger!

To your success,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Create Your Best 2013 Step #7: Trust the Process

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur;

We’ve been talking about my 7 Steps to Create Your Best 2013.

In today’s post I’m teaching on Step #7, the final step.

Step #1: Know What You Really Want! (Clarity Is Power)
Step #2: Create An Empowering Self-View! (You Can Never “Out-Succeed” Your Self-View)
Step #3: Know “Whose” You Are! (You Are Divinely Guided)
Step #4: Obey Inspired Action! (Beliefs Drive Behavior)
Step #5: Powerfully Deal With Setbacks (The Power of Perception)                                                                                                              Step #6: Craft an Empowering Vision (The brain thinks in pictures)                                                                                                          Step #7: Trust the Process

Are you like me and you want your dream to be manifested NOW?

Do you find yourself creating drama, struggle and doubt when your goals aren’t realized fast enough?

The Universal Truth about achievement is “Success is a Process”.


The sooner you accept this truth, the more powerful you will be in your service to others, the more fun you will have, and, ironically, the ‘quicker’ you’ll attract results.

Several weeks ago I taught this principle to my Coaching Clients on a group call and the results have been extraordinary!  When you can LET GO and surrender to the process; when you release your attachment to your goals, you create an ability to see things you would have missed.

Creating Success is A Process.

The Law of Gestations says, “Ideas, Goals and Desires are spiritual seeds and they always move into form or a physical results.” In other words, “Your goals WILL manifest.  You dreams WILL happen.”

The problem with this Universal Truth is most of us plant seeds (ideas, goals and dreams) and, if we don’t see a plant within a short period of time, we dig up the seed to see what’s wrong!  Or, we leave that seed and go plant another one!

Have you ever done that?  If so, consider this:

A human baby takes about 42 weeks to grow full term.

A carrot seed takes about 72 days.

Chicken eggs take about 21 days to hatch.

A caterpillar takes 10 days to 3 weeks to turn into a butterfly.

Knowing that the PROCESS is happening, even if you can’t ‘see’ the result is an important aspect to Creating Success.

It helps you trust. Success  is a process.

CREATE a powerful STAND for the seeds you’ve planted and Choose to “Fall in Love” with the PROCESS of Creation!  (The Law of Gestation). Choose to release struggle, frustration and doubt and TAKE ON your new way of being… Faith! Power! Intention!  …KNOWING that the seeds you have planted (your goals and desires) WILL come to fruition.

It is already on the calendar!

Feel the sense of peace this brings. Feel the level of confidence the decision to trust creates. That peace and those feelings helps you Act as if.

Act as if you already possess the things pictured on your vision board—the promotion, the pin level, the house, car, or dream partner. Say, “this” is already mine. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them.  “I am so happy and grateful for…”  and take on the behaviors, habits and ways of being that person would have!

When you act as if, you make a conscious choice in your “Way of Being”  Ask yourself, “Who does this person (who has achieved this goal) need to be?”  Your new ways of being could be, I Am grateful, leader, inspiration, joy, generous, focus, contribution, energy!  Create your ‘way of being’ every day: Mine is, “I am Global Leadership and I make a difference!”

Choose to release struggle, frustration and doubt and TAKE ON your new way of being.

Cultivate your Faith! Tap into the Power of Trust! All the seeds you have planted will come to fruition. Believe in this truth. And, let your actions and your behaviors look like you believe it!

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

I believe in you!

If this conversation and the 7 Steps resonated with you, check out my resources, coaching programs and my upcoming Mastermind Retreat in Geneva, Switzerland! This just may be the book, the program, the retreat you need to master your mind, achieve your goals and live a life you love. Go to:

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Rx Success, Inc.