Breakthrough Limitations and Get Results With Velocity!

Do you know it means to “Align With Your Desires”?

When you are aligned with what you want, fear is gone. The internal battle surrenders. The annoying inner voices are mute and an Amazing Power comes forth.

It’s the Power of Creation… Getting RESULTS with Velocity!

You’ve experienced it… A parking place is instantly available. The person you had on your list to call, calls you. You need ONE more distributor to reach your goal and the phone rings. The price of the suit you really want goes on sale. You get a first class upgrade.

This can be a NORMAL way of life for you. The portal to this way of living is YOU realizing this profound truth:

You are the Common Denominator of your Life.

Remember Math Class? You learned about fractions. What was the ONE thing you had to do before you could add or subtract a fraction?

If you said, “You had to get a common denominator.” (the bottom numbers of a fraction had to be the same) you are correct!

Use this analogy in your ability to achieve your goals and intentions…

When your conscious Mind is aligned with your subconscious Mind, you have a Common Denominator. You are ALIGNED.

And when you are aligned, WATCH OUT! You begin attracting the people, ideas and opportunities to achieve your goals with VELOCITY!

My Clients have even said they feel like they are experiencing miracles!

In the next few Blog Posts I will be teaching HOW to get your subconscious Mind ALIGNED with your conscious Mind so you will get RESULTS with Velocity. A hint: It’s all about tapping into the Six Intellectual Faculties that EVERY human being has been given. What fun!

Until tomorrow,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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