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Tap Into The Powerful Part of Your Brain…

Friday, January 17th, 2014

You have an amazing “system” in your brain called
“The reticular activating system” (RAS). The RAS is
a part of the mammalian brain located in the brain stem
and works as a phenomenal filtering system.

The reality is…

In every moment there are over 2 million bits of sensory
information bombarding your sensory data system.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were aware
of all these bits of action and information?

You’d probably go insane!

So, you have a RAS to help you filter all this stimulation.
Your RAS lets in and processes about 5 – 9 bits of
information in the moment. So, I’ve got a question…

What do you think DECIDES what the 5 – 9 bits of
information is?

level of vibration those most active thoughts create.)
If you want to “Attract More Success” then program your
THOUGHTS to represent the RESULTS you want!

PICTURE IT! What does it look like?

Remember, your RAS filters out everything that doesn’t
support your most prevalent THOUGHTS and causes
you to SEE what matches your most common thoughts.

That’s why your THOUGHTS (Your Visions) are so

Picture this…

If you and I were having a conversation and I began to
tell you about my White Maserati with Licorice Red
Interior and you began picturing my White Maserati
with Licorice Red Interior; what type of car do you think
you’d begin seeing on your drive home?

Yes! You guessed it. You’d begin noticing White Maseratis
with Licorice Red Interior!

This is your RAS at work…

Whatever you THINK about, your RAS goes to work to

Just imagine the implications of this!

What would your RESULTS look like if you began
programming your RAS to see and attract that perfect
Partner, Leaders for your business opportunity, your
Dream Home, fun and exciting travel!

Your RAS will filter out EVERYTHING ELSE and
cause you to notice only the things, the people
and the opportunities that you have trained it to see.

Give the RAS and spin today! Train yourself and
your THINKING. Plant your desired thoughts and
pictures in your RAS and watch what you begin to

What a gift. We are truly magnificently made!

You have the power to make it a miraculous day;
by focusing your thoughts and feelings on good,
beauty, love, laughter, peace, and JOY!

Your attention to these thoughts and feelings will
bring the people, ideas, and experiences of these
very thoughts and feelings. Watch what shows up!

I want the best for you!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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your thoughts on what you REALLY want to be,
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Happy New Year (is up to you!)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

It’s the first day of 2014 and the first day of YOU creating the best version of your Life!

It doesn’t matter what your results have been in the past or even where you’re at on this first day of 2014…

What truly matters is WHAT YOU ARE THINKING about yourself and what’s possible for your life right now… and then right now… and then right now…

Yep, you guessed the message of today’s post! The only thing you have control over is how you are feeling RIGHT NOW… and now… and now…

Do you really get that?

The only piece you have control over is what you are creating moment by moment.

Would you like some help with that?…

I am an expert at helping people create themselves anew and put the structures in place to keep your word with your commitments to that new version (your vision) of YOUR IDEAL LIFE.

Remember, you can set all the goals and New Year’s resolutions you want; if you don’t include daily accountability of who you are being, (which cause the actions you are taking) you won’t achieve those goals.

In other words…

If you make the necessary shifts in your mind-set, YOUR BEHAVIORS will follow; and YOU WILL MEET WITH SUCCESS!

That’s what my Quantum Leap Coaching Program will do for you! The QLCoaching Program is the missing piece to help you set and achieve your 2014 goals through processes that keep you accountable to expanding and maintaining an empowering mind-set!

Be bold! Be audacious! Be the best version of yourself.
…the type of person who knows what you want and does whatever it takes to achieve it!

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To your success,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.