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Are YOU secretly sabotaging YOUR success? Take the QUIZ to find out!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Imagine a BIG production company came to you with a huge budget and a line-up of the biggest names in Hollywood to make a movie of your life.  Tell me, would anyone want to go see it?

And, if they did, would it be pegged as a great adventure; filled with outrageous risk and incredible quests? Would it be a famous suspense movie; peppered with dramatic failures where you turned victim to victory? Would it be an empowering love story – a heart-warming example of a person who knows how to put themselves out there an really risk love and life!

In other words…
What is YOUR perspective of YOUR failures and set-backs?
What do you make them mean?
QUESTION #1: Are You Willing to RISK in love and life ~ even if bad things have happened to you?
And, if the movie of your life is too boring because you hide behind failure, set-back and perfection, where did you learn to do that?
QUESTION #2: Have You Collapsed What Happened to You With Your Self-View?
If you have created a self-view where you see yourself as one who has to work extra hard, get beat down before you can win, lose everything before your story (your life) counts for anything, you have created a habitual pattern of FAILURE!

This is a wiring!

Your brain is set at these destructive patterns. THIS is what’s keeping you from making it big in your business ~ and in life!
THESE subconscious beliefs, decisions and habitual patterns have been holding you back and keeping you stuck for far too long! It’s time to learn how to break through these patterns and stop sabotaging your success!

If you resonate with any of this, then I’ve got one last question for you.
Are you willing to do the subconscious work necessary to identify and break through these destructive habits?
If you answered, “Yes!” then keep reading…

I’m just returning from a 5 week sabbatical where I have spent hours of introspection reviewing and analyzing all of my client’s (and my own) stories of how we turned sabotage into success. I’ve identified five culprits of sabotage. (I call them dragons).

These 5 Dragons are a part of every breakthrough! Let that be good news to you! There are only 5 Dragons that you need to identify and overcome to create a profound breakthrough ~ a radical transformation in your business and life.

I promise you, just like all of my coaching clients, when you finally deal with these 5 Dragons of sabotage your businesses will take off; you’ll have an abundance of energy and ideas, prospects will show up and money will come flooding in like MAGIC…
But it’s not magic at all. It’s just your BIRTH RIGHT breaking through.

When you unlearn a lot of what you’ve been taught, you’ll retrain your brain to perform at much higher levels (More of WHO YOU WERE in your most imaginative youth!)

Again, it’s not magic. It’s not even the Law of Attraction (yet). It’s just YOU releasing a lot of crap that’s been holding you back. It’s just YOU getting rid of habitual patterns. It’s just YOU revealing untapped potential. It’s just YOU becoming the best version of yourself.  It’s just YOU giving it all you’ve got ~ happily, joyfully and with ease!

And… All you need is all you’ve got!

If this resonates with you, maybe  you’re ready to go through this type of Coaching Program with me.  I’ve hired a branding coach, a PR Team and an agent to help me with the launch that’s coming in December. The launch includes international speaking tours, a new book, an online community, and this Coaching Program!

You can be a part of our launch…

My new branding is called, The Dragon Slayer! The tentative title for Speaking Programs and book is, Zap the 5 Dragons of Sabotage!
I’m offering a preview Video-Based Coaching Program with an online community that you can be a part for 30 Days at the awesome price of just $97.00 (The full fledged launch will be in December and will start at $497 a month.)

The Dragon Slayer Coaching Program will give you:
1.) Access to my “Dragon Slayer” Online Community;
2.) Video Lessons from me on EACH of the 5 Dragons and a complete process on HOW to break through and slay each one.
3.) There is one catch…

When you complete the 30 Day Coaching Program I ask that you fill out a survey after the course with your thoughts, opinions and advice on how I can make it even better! (Please only include ideas on how to make it better in this survey. I get dozens of compliments about my coaching programs and while I love that, I’m looking for brutal honesty; even criticism to create THE BEST Coaching Program possible!)

So, if you’re ready for the “Dragon Slayer” Video Coaching Program and Online Community, and you’re willing to fill out the survey at the completion of the 30 Day Course, get registered NOW!

I thank you in advance. You’ll learn in the first video what happened in my life to cause my radical transformation and why I am so passionate and more committed than ever to helping you with yours!

See you in the first video soon!

Your Dragon Slayer,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

PS As soon as you register for the Slay Your Dragons Coaching Program, you’ll receive a Welcome Letter with the password for the Online Community and the links to the Break Through Videos from me! Get registered NOW!