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A Total Transformation in 24 Hours

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

The Spice Girl and the Princess…

Dear Friend,

“Tell me what you want – what you really, really want…”

Do you remember those words to that famous Spice Girls song?  A simple, but catchy song – so do you really know what you really, really want?  1

And more importantly – what is stopping you from getting it?

After spending the last 15 years helping people get what they really want, I’ve learned something important:  Success – really getting what you want – is a mindset.

If you’re not reaching the level of success you desire, if your life is not working the way you want – I guarantee you that your mindset is the biggest factor.

Maybe you bought into some of the limiting beliefs the media is constantly spreading.  Maybe you have people around you, telling you that your dreams are unreachable, or you should be more “realistic.”  Perhaps you traded an old comfort zone for a new one, and now you’re stuck on a plateau…

Well if any of these situations are the case with you, let this note serve as your wake up call!

It’s time to stop playing small.  Time to reset your mindset and start striving BIG again. Time to step into your greatness, and live the rich life you are meant to live.   And I have just the thing to help you do it!

But first, let’s explore mindset a little deeper…

You’ve heard me tell the story of how as a young girl I wanted to be a princess.  (I even wrote a book titled, Don’t Mess with the Princess!) It’s a manifesto for how to live large.  A clarion call to stop taking what people want to let you have – and instead go out and grab what you really want. So when I grew up and started my own business, I created my own little kingdom, and a life that I could live happily ever after.

And the soundtrack for that life was the music of the Spice Girls…

Their songs made me feel limitless! Whether I was walking out on stage for a keynote speech or driving in my mini van with my kids, I would belt out the words, “Make it last forever, friendship never ends!” and a sense of unstoppable power would come over me!

And the Spice Girl that inspires me the most is Victoria Beckham.  Victoria plays BIG!  After the group broke up, she went out on her own, scoring four top 10 hits in the UK.  She entered the fashion industry and became a worldwide brand, producing a range of sunglasses, fragrances, handbags and jewelry.

Victoria wrote two best selling books. She met, fell in love and married David Beckham, the soccer star and athletic icon, and they have four beautiful children together.  She’s a wife, mom, philanthropist and global entrepreneurial icon!

YOU have the exact same limitless potential inside of you.

You have the same access to unlimited possibilities as me, Victoria, or any other successful entrepreneur. The problem is you don’t believe that. You believe something completely different…

You may believe infinite possibility exists, but that it’s for others, not you. You most likely believe in the Law of Attraction and unlimited possibility, but again believe it works for others, not you.  Now that sounds crazy, and it is.  But that’s the reality for a lot of people, and probably including you.

Let me tell you why you believe other people can have success, but not you…

Life happened to you. Circumstances arose. Problems appeared.

If you’re like most, you’ve experienced foreclosure, down sizing, health challenges, divorce, or financial struggle. And you have taken all these challenges, obstacles and setbacks that have happened to you, and collapsed them into your self-view. You’ve allowed these obstructions to deflate your own self-belief.  You actually think you ARE these setbacks and you identify yourself with them.

That is a belief that doesn’t serve you and it’s time to blow it up!

I have an opportunity for you that will allow you to lose those limiting beliefs and tap back into that unlimited potential locked up inside you.  An opportunity to harness the mindset of a princess, a Spice Girl, and the amazing person you are meant to be.  But first, I want to tell you the rest of the story about Victoria Beckham…

In an effort to add some cache to their brand, Land Rover recently partnered with Victoria, and asked her to custom design a Special Edition Range Rover Evoque. The vehicle she designed is simply breathtaking.  This piece of art has a special matte paint, mohair carpet, and the softest leather I’ve ever felt anywhere.  It comes with a bespoke luggage set, and the owners manual is personally autographed by Victoria.   They produced only 200 total – and only three of them made it here to the United Sates. One of those three was immediately snatched up by my friend and mentor, prosperity expert Randy Gage.

He took me to lunch in it and it was then that he told me he was going on a sabbatical to travel the world for a while.   At that moment, an idea was hatched…

That Special Edition Evoque encapsulates everything Victoria demonstrates about mindset and all I believe about living a rich life.   And it can play a roll into a one-of-a-king coaching experience that YOU can be a part of.

I decided to purchase this rolling piece of art from Randy and am thinking to incorporate it into a special coaching experience, for people who are ready to transform their mindset, and their life.

Which is exactly where YOU come in…

If you’re ready to blow up any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, prepared to really stride into your maximum potential, and are willing to be coached to your next breakthrough – then pay close attention to what I’m going to tell you next:

I’m thinking about launching a unique mentoring experience called “Transformation 24.”  It will be a total immersion experience for 24 hours of luxury, prosperity and one-on-one, private coaching with me in South Florida – to completely and totally re-boot the way you think about success.  It would be a total mindset re-set.

I’ve seen miraculous breakthroughs in people who come to my Mastermind Retreats and go home a completely different person.  With the personalized nature of what I’m thinking of in this program, the results could be even more spectacular.

This unique program is for someone who wants customized, personalized coaching from me, in an intense, accelerated time frame, solving the issues and challenges that are holding you back from reaching your peak potential.

Here’s what I have in mind…

You’ll fly to South Florida, and we’ll mastermind and brainstorm in a concentrated 24-hour window, to jumpstart your next personal breakthrough or multi-million-dollar idea.  I will pick you up at the airport in my “Beckham Beauty” and take you to a working dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, where we define where you’re at now, and what you want to accomplish.  We’ll enjoy great food, stimulating conversation, and a lot of laughter as we jump right into the transformation process.

At the end of the dinner, I’ll give you your homework for the night, and drop you off at your hotel.  Complete it when you’re back in your room, so it can work on your subconscious mind while you sleep.

The next morning, I’ll join you for breakfast and we’ll begin our full day of one-on-one Masterminding together.  It will be a day packed with attitude!   In an atmosphere of luxury, with a bold mindset, I will work with you to overcome the things that are holding you back, and create a game plan with specific strategies and action steps to move you forward.

You’ll have some down time in the late afternoon at your hotel to process.  Get a massage, go shopping or take a swim in the ocean.  Something to pamper yourself and keep your creative energy high.  Then I’ll wheel up in the Evoque again, and we’ll spend an evening of fun, entertainment and surprises as we continue coaching and creating. You will experience what a prosperity mindset can manifest.  At the end of the evening, we’ll create your specific game plan and action steps you need to move forward to your next breakthrough.

This 24 hours is truly about transformation.  How to transform your mindset, to transform your vision, to transform your results.

It’s about believing in yourself and investing in yourself.  Getting out of your daily routine, treating yourself to an experience of luxury and limitless abandon, so you can create the vision of where you are meant to be.

This type of mindset is where authentic commitment comes from. I’m not talking about a promise or an obligation. I’m talking about a feeling of confidence that you will continue to pursue what you want, no matter what!  I’m talking about creating such a deep level of belief within you, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals and objectives. You know you have a mission to fulfill on; a clear vision of that mission that inspires you and the belief in that vision that fuels your behaviors.

Anyway, that’s the working concept I’ve come up with thus far.  Obviously nothing like this has ever been offered before and the potential breakthroughs it could provide you are extraordinary.  I’m writing this note to see if there is enough demand for me to launch this program.

If you think it’s right for you and you want to participate, be warned, it’s not for everyone…

Obviously at this level of personal coaching, I must limit the number of people I can take.  So I’m setting the criteria high, to ensure only the people who can benefit most get this extraordinary opportunity.

We can start by saying it’s not cheap:  The cost to participate is $7,000 to be accepted, and it must be paid in full upfront.  You will also be responsible for your own airfare, hotels and meals.  So figure this experience can easily run you ten grand.  (If you arrive on Greyhound and stay at the Motel 6, it defeats the whole prosperity consciousness we’re looking to create.)  If you’re not willing to make that investment in your future, this is not the program for you.

Now if you are prepared to make that investment in your future, here are the other requirements to be accepted:

  • I’ll want to conduct a short phone interview with you, to ensure you’re ready for an experience of this intensity.
  • You’ll need to have some schedule flexibility, to be able to travel to South Florida during one of my available dates.
  • You’ll need to fill out a brief questionnaire and email it to me before you arrive.  (Just so I have a better idea of where you’re at, so I can help you better.)
  • Be prepared to challenge yourself.  This program isn’t for stalkers, autograph seekers or someone who just wants to have dinner with a favorite author.  It’s only for someone who is up for a penetrating analysis of where they are right now – and what’s is required to breakthrough to the ultimate level of success you’re seeking.

Now if all that sounds right, get your credit card handy and call 1 (954) 829-5693 to reserve your spot.  I will fill them on a first-come, first-served basis.  Then if I have enough people to go forward with the program, I’ll contact you and arrange your first phone interview.

Clearly no one has ever offered such a unique and powerful program like this.  I believe this format is the key to allow you to break free of the beliefs that are holding you back, and set up the exact master plan for where you want to go.  If you’re ready to go for it, let me hear from you right away!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

P.S. You can learn a lot from a spice girl and a princess.  If you’re prepared to bust out and go big, call me at 1 (954) 829-5693 before all the spots are gone.

Transformation 24

A total immersion experience for 24 hours of luxury, prosperity and one-on-one, private coaching with me in South Florida – to completely and totally re-boot the way you think about success.

Transformation 24 is your total mindset re-set.

Did You Really Want That to Happen?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Did You Want That to Happen?

The answer to that question is, “Yes,

you wanted that to happen!”

It’s easy to take responsibility when

something great happens in your life.

But what about the bad stuff? Do you

realize a part of you caused (wanted)

that to happen, too?

Maybe it’s procrastination; an argument

with your business partner or your wife;

or a constant feeling of overwhelm…

There’s a part of you that is actually

choosing that!  Consider this:

All human beings have innate needs.

If you are not getting these innate

needs met on a healthy, conscious

level, you will sabotage your life to

ensure they get met!

Freud once said, “We are insatiable

beings. We always get our needs met.”

So, let’s talk about a few of these innate needs.

Three of the most important are:

1.) Need for excitement (uncertainty)

2.) Need to feel important (significance)

3.) Need for solitude

Just imagine your life being consistent,

and even routined. If you aren’t getting

your innate need for excitement met on

a healthy, conscious level, you’ll begin

creating drama in your life just to rev

things up a bit.

The most common sabotage behavior is


There’s quite a payoff to waiting until the

last minute to complete a project and then

having to run around, create stress, and

feel fully alive to get that project done!

The other common sabotage behavior that

gets those innate needs met is attracting

drama. There’s nothing like a little drama in

your life to rev things up a bit ~ or a lot!

I once had a client who actually said to me,

“Lisa, my life is a soap opera and I am the


Wow. When I repeated those words back to

her and asked her to discern what she just

said, she was shocked.

“We are insatiable beings. We always get

our needs met!”

What about your innate need for solitude?

If you aren’t getting this need met, you’ll

actually create an unhealthy circumstance,

like an argument, to finally be alone.

Another client of mine used to come home

from work and instantly stir up an argument

with his wife. This would lead to a heated

discussion that would end with him slamming

the door behind him so he could be…

ahhhhhhh… ALONE!

“We are insatiable beings. We always get

our needs met!”

Whatever occurs in your life, good or bad,

there’s something in it that you NEED.

My hope is that this message will be your

wake up call to tell the truth about your

innate needs. Look at your life and notice

the behaviors that are screaming out, “sabotage!”

And then, ASK for what you need. Get your

innate needs met on a healthy, conscious basis

and you will be happier and more fulfilled.

To Your Best Life!


PS  If this message resonates with you, consider

joining my Quantum Leap Coaching Program and

Mastermind Retreat. I am a master at identifying

sabotage and blind spots and then helping you

to radically break through them.

Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life!

And… if you want to hear about a hot, new coaching

program I’m launching (before I announce it to my

Tribe), send me a private email and request

it at Lisa@Rx-Success.  Put in the subject line:

Hot, New Coaching Program.  You’ll be happy you did.

Are Your the Problem?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Are You the Problem?

In yesterday’s message I taught about Ineffable
Intelligence and how to become more aware of it in
your life.

Let’s jump into an exercise to help you tap into the
realm on Ineffable Intelligence by finding a solution
to a specific problem.

I want you to notice an area in your life that is just
not working. Sure, you may come up with several.
But just choose one. Get a specific area or problem
you want to cause a breakthrough in.
It may be a weight challenge. It could be a financial
or relationship issue. The importance of just
choosing one in this exercise is it give the mind
clarity, and clarity is power.

So, imagine in your mind one specific challenge.
Name it.

Now, be radically honest with yourself and notice
where you’ve allowed this challenge to completely
run your emotions, your actions, and your life!
Notice how you’ve collapsed who you are with
this problem. Notice how you distinguish yourself
AS this problem. You may have even gone so far
as to label yourself as this problem.


Now, I want you to picture yourself coming out of
the problem. In your imagination I want you to
separate you with your problem. In your mind,
see yourself standing next to your problem.

Now, grow yourself ten times bigger than the
problem. Look at that picture. You are 10 times
bigger than that problem. Notice!

This simple mind exercise does 2 things:

1.) You create the truth that YOU are NOT your
problems. You are separate from your problems.
Problems and challenges are just a part of
living a great life and they do not define you.
YOU are not divorce. YOU are not foreclosure.
YOU are not job loss, or financial burden, or
any other challenge you are dealing with.

Your challenges are over there, outside of you.

When you stop identifying yourself with your
problems, you create a whole new access to
solving the problems!

2.) You create the truth that YOU are bigger
than the problem. In fact, when you see your-
self outside of the problem, you now can see
yourself as the source of the solution! If you
are not defined by your problems, then who
are you? The answer is; you are whoever
you say you are! You are pure possibility;
genius solution finder; more than enough;
equipped and more than a conquerer!

And this new way of thinking gives you a
self-view of leadership! Just watch how you
drive your behaviors to lead you to the solution
of the problem or challenge. Because after all,
that’s why you were given the challenge in the
first place!

You can do this thing. Go get ‘em Tiger!

To your success,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Are You Tapping Into Ineffable Intelligence?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

What Is Ineffable Intelligence and Are You Tapping Into It?

Dear Friend;

Edison was once asked, “What is electricity?” 
He responded, “Electricity is. Just use it.”

Just like electricity, there is an invisible power that I call, 
“Ineffable Intelligence” that I don’t know how it works, 
but I just use it!

I’ve used this power to create successful businesses, 
a healing after a divorce, and in parenting my three
independent and happy kids. I’ve tapped into this 
power to experience fun and exciting travel, love 
and connection, and even the man of my dreams. 
(Yes, there really are second chances!)

While we may not fully understand how “Ineffable 
Intelligence” works, we can see proof of its existence 
in many ways. Consider all of the vital organs in your 
body that function without you telling them to. Your 
heart, lungs and digestive system all function without 
your conscious effort. The regeneration of cells, the 
body’s ability to heal a cut, a burn, or a broken bone 
without you controlling the healing is “Ineffable 
Intelligence” at work!
Where have you seen the affects of this power in 
your life? Focus on these particular events right now…

Maybe it was that phone call, a check, a kind word, 
or a job offer that came just at the right time. Maybe 
it was an inner knowing, a voice guiding you, an energy 
giving you courage to move. Maybe it was a healing.

Whatever the actual event was, focus on it now…

In your willingness to focus on these events, you 
access the power of them today, right now. We 
know that what we think about expands. So think 
about and recall the times you experienced Ineffable 
Intelligence and just watch how your day unfolds.

Everything is energy. As you discipline your thoughts 
to think on the positive, healthy parts of life, you 
literally improve your energetic state. Picture of 
thermostat that is set at a particular number. 
That thermostat is regulating the exact temperature 
of the room. It doesn’t matter if a door opens and 
air of a different temperature flows in, the setting 
of the thermostat will go to work and regulate the 
temperature. That thermostat is your mindset! Your 
mindset goes to work and regulates what you 
experience in life. It will make sure you remain at 
the state (the temperature) you are set at.

So, what is your inner thermostat set at?

Do you know how you can tell? You simply look 
around your life. There’s no need to go back into 
your childhood and spend hours and hours dredging 
up the past. You just look at what is around you, who  
is around you, and the experiences of your life and  
you can tell with exact precision where your thermostat  
(your mindset) is set.

Do your best not to give any meaning to what you’re
noticing. Don’t allow yourself to go there. It won’t help.
Please just notice where you’re at and say, “Interesting, 
what I notice is…” Celebrate what brought you joy. 
Choose to transform what didn’t.

In tomorrow’s post I will get you started on 
how to improve your mindset and move the thermostat.

Your access to this process is your willingness to identify  
Ineffable Intelligence in your life. Return to the exercise 
I asked you to begin earlier in this post.

Notice Ineffable Intelligence in your life!

“See” you in the next post.
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.