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7 Steps to Your Radical Transformation! Step #1: Know What You Want

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur;

So I often ask my audience, “Do you believe it’s possible

to program your cells to HEALTH?” Do you believe it’s

possible to program your brain to WEALTH?

Emphatically, the answer is YES! I’ve spent more than

a decade watching the results of this belief completely

transform my clients businesses and lives.

Through a simple, yet profound 7-step system you can

literally retrain the brain and program your mind to

achieve your goals.

I’ll share the system with you through a personal story…

Nearly 10 years ago my husband of 18 years told me

he didn’t want to be married anymore.

You can imagine how this devastating news shook me

to the core.

After months of suffering, I had had enough.

At one specific moment I made a decision to accept

this divorce. I chose, with complete conviction, to

view it as a gift.

I share that part of my life with you for you to REALIZE

that it is often the times when you are most lost in your

life that you are most open to your true calling.

In physics it’s called, “Zero Point Energy.”

The best way I can explain it is when you feel like you

have NOTHING, that’s when you have EVERYTHING.

When nothing is there; no label; no identify, then

everything is present and anything is possible!

That’s what happened to me…

One morning, in a state of zero point energy,

I’m trying to make sense of this new found freedom

I’ve been given. Realizing I had lost my identity,

I decide to recreate a new identity of “Whatever

I want!”

I quickly took out a blank sheet of paper and begin

writing down my top 3 values in life.

At the top of the page I write, “What lights me up?”

The question brought a tremendous confidence and,

almost instantly, I write down 3 things.

1.) Luxury Travel ~ Experiencing the beauty of this

world in exotic cities around the globe in first class


2.) Stimulation Conversation ~ Sharing and discussing

what’s possible with like-minded people and creating a

deep connection together.

3.) Making a Difference ~ Having a truly profound

impact on another person that radically transforms

their beliefs and creates a new realm of possibility

for them and their community.

As soon as I had written down those 3 things,

an image bounced of the page and I shouted,

“That’s Rich Life Mastermind Retreats!”

I smiled for the first time in weeks and I knew to

my core this was what I truly wanted to do with

my life.

I felt inspired to make this dream happen and,

even though I was scared, I got online and took

action! I booked a ticket to Paris, France where

I knew the first Retreat would take place.

I spent 3 glorious days in Paris the very next


I created the entire Mastermind Retreat in that

long weekend. I booked the hotel rooms, the

meeting rooms. I reserved the restaurants and

excursions. I spoke with owners of Cooking

Schools and Art Studios and planned innovative

and unique events for my group.

I even met the Tenor of the Paris Opera House

and reserved him to serenade us one of the evenings.

The vision was so clear…

I saw us walking out of our hotel to a stretch limo

waiting for us. As we step inside the limo the tenor

begins belting out an aria from a famous Opera.

As we drive along the Champs Elysees, the Rue de

Rivoli, the Eifel Tower, touring Paris in a limousine,

we are sipping champagne and being serenaded in

different languages from the amazing and talented


Three days later I flew home, having put $15,000

on my credit card and an entire Mastermind Retreat

reserved and ready to go.

I had no clients, website or even business cards.

But I had something even more powerful than that.

I had DESIRE! A burning DESIRE to launch this

new avenue in my business model:

Mastermind Retreats and Coaching Programs.

What about you?

Before I tell you the rest of the story, please stop

now and ask yourself what lights you up?

What is your burning desire?

What are your most important values?

And, most importantly how can you express

them in your business and life?

That’s the first step in my 7 Step System to

Creating Your Best 2013!

Step #1: Identify What You Really Want!

Clarity is power! When you identify what you

really want, you give your subconscious mind

the direction it needs to begin the process of

creating it.

When you identify what you want you begin

the process of fruition: Planting a seed.

That’s the first step to creating! You’ve got to

plant a seed!

Be completely authentic about who you are

and what you really want.

If you knew you only had 6 months to live,

how would you choose to spend that time?

The answer to that question reveals your

inner calling.

But, before answering, I’ve got to ask you

something, “Do you really BELIEVE you’ve

been given an inner calling, a mission to

accomplish on this planet?”

I hope you do! For when you really get

that YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED to create,

accomplish and fulfill on a specific mission,

you open yourself to receive it.

You actually allow yourself to BE that Big,

that Special, that Important.

Stop thinking so small!

Choose today to believe that you have

been called for such a time as this; and

2013 is the year to manifest it!

There are no accidents that you are reading

this post right now. It’s time for you to wake

up and get ‘tuned in’ to your unique Calling

and Mission in life.

The first step to fulfilling on this Calling is to

BELIEVE it. Believe that you have been called.

You have been given the exact personality,

talents, gifts and inner passions to fulfill on

that calling. Just like your eye color, skin

type and natural disposition, your Calling

has been placed in your very DNA and every

part of you!

So, a great place to start in discovering your

calling is to make a list of the following:

1.) Your values and what matters most to you.

2.) Your talents and natural abilities. (Your Uniqueness)

3.) Your trials, hardships and defining moments

in life.

These are all great insights to discovering Your

Unique Calling. Be bold. Know you have been

called for an exciting adventure to fulfill on and

2013 is THE YEAR for it to come into fruition!

Tomorrow we’ll dive into Step #2. Until then,

know that you are divinely guided in this process.

Trust in that truth and write down what you

really want your 2013 to look like, feel like and

be like.

Always Creating,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

How to Create Your Best Year!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur;

If you want to experience the most incredible 2013 possible; please realize that YOU CAN!

You have all you need to create your best year ever.

In the next several days, I’ll be sending you my 7 Step System to help you CREATE the most incredible 2013 possible!

Here’s the FIRST STEP:

SET the INTENTION for 2013.

What I mean by that is, when you DECIDE ahead of time what you want the year, month, day to BE like, you have a greater chance of actually experiencing that DECISION.

The simple truth is…

You are Creating Your Life by the Intentions you set and how motivated you are by those intentions.

So, spend a few minutes right now and DECIDE what you want (really want) 2013 to be about.

The best way to answer that question is by gettting present to your VALUES.

When your VALUES are most expressed, you are happy.
Your VALUES also drive your behavior.

So, here’s a fun quiz…

Answer these questions and begin creating the best 2013 possible.

Question Number One:
What’s really important to you? Make a list your top 5 Values.

Question Number Two:
WHY are these values so important to you?
Make a list of all the ways you can and will express these values in your business and personal life in 2013.

Question Number Three:
If you were gifted $10,000,000 what would you begin doing? What would you stop doing?

Look at your answers to these 3 Questions and write out in one sentence what your answers reveal about YOU and your Goals and Desires for 2013.

What did you notice?

(Email me your answers at

When you get present to your VALUES, and make sure your goals and intentions reflect your top VALUES, you give yourself the fuel you’ll need to stay committed to the journey and richly enjoy that journey every day!

I’ll send you the next Step in the process very soon.

Until then,

Be blessed!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.