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Success Leaves Clues! Do you know what they are?

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Most of you know I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for

more than 18 years. In that time I’ve witnessed the exact

habits, and actions that separate the successful from the


I’ve applied these “Success Clues” to every business and

personal goal I’ve ever set with extraordinary results.

Here are 3 of them that you can apply to your business and

life for your breakthrough results:

1.) Mind-set and Belief:

The most powerful part of your success is YOU!

Your mind-set and belief level will actually attract or repel

people! So, I’ve got a few questions for you…

Do you REALLY believe in your industry, your company

andyour product? If not, go find people who have made a

success in your industry and memorize their story.

Your job is to let their story transform and expand your

belief level! There’s money to be made… a lot of it!

There are many people who are experiencing success

in your industry and building a solid residual income.

And guess what? They are just like you! The only

difference is they have chosen to build their belief and

stay committed to that belief. Belief leads to commitment.

Commitment leads to success.

Where’s your level of BELIEF?

2.) Perspective:

The second powerful Success Clue is your perspective.

Do you keep saying, “It’s taking too long?”

Let go of your expectation of time.

Let go of judging the timing of your success.

Your responsibility is to manage your expectations

and maintain a solid belief that YOUR VISION WILL


You are not late. You are right on time.

When you manage your expectations and alter your

perspective, you’ll come from an empowering state.

You’ll share with more clarity.

Your activity will be more consistent.

Your state-of-being will be enticing and inviting.

3.) Systems:

All successful entrepreneurs follow a system for success.

There’s always a combination to my client’s success stories.

(That’s my job as a Coach to discover it!)

You’ve got to find out what yours is. And when you do,

you’ll tap into a momentum that makes creating success FUN!

The combination of your system may be 2, 4, 6. That means

2 new contacts, 4 follow up calls, and 6 sales every day.

This combination is a goldmine!

Like all great businesses, when you discover the combination,

your Success becomes as simple as following a system!

When you create an empowering Mind-Set and Rock-Solid

belief in your success; manage your expectations and have

an empowering perspective about the timing of that success;

and, discover the “combination” that turns your efforts into a

system; you’re as close as you can be to a Breakthrough

Success! And, you’ll have a ton of Fun in the process of

creating that Success.

Those crazy stories, funny experiences, dramatic events

and even set-backs are what you’ll laugh at when you

achieve your goals! So make it a juicy, delicious journey…

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I warn you, this program is intense. You’ll be working with me

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To Your Success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Discover How to Overcome Doubt with ONE Powerful Distinction!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Dear Friend;

One of the Universal Laws is the Law of Polarity.

Everything has an opposite…

Good/Bad. Up/Down. Big/Little. Faith/Doubt.
From the Law of Polarity we realize that even our
Divine Nature has an opposite.

That opposite is called, The Adversary.

Yep, that negative consciousness that keeps you
from achieving your dreams. The Adversary’s sole
function is to pull you away from happiness, God, Light.

It’s the voice that makes you wrong.
It’s the voice that says you are not enough.
It’s the voice that says you do not deserve…

Everyone has this voice of the Adversary.

It’s this voice that causes you to sabotage your efforts.

Picture this…

You’ve made a decision to triple your income this
year. You’ve hired a coach to help you create your
plan of action and keep you accountable to it.
You are on course and committed to your plan.
Then you hear the voice of the Adversary questioning
your efforts, “You should have more results than this,”
it whispers. “Other people have more results by now,”
it continues just a little louder. Until the voice shouts,
“This isn’t working!”

That’s the voice of the Adversary with its intent to keep
you from what you really want.

The adversary’s greatest weapon is doubt!

It speaks doubt into your mind and most of the time
you choose to BELIEVE IT. This is crazy!

But, please realize this is a universal pattern of behavior
in ALL people. So, if you can relate, you are normal…

And, my request of you today is to become abnormal!

The abnormal person wins! The abnormal person
achieves their goals! The abnormal person realizes
one very powerful distinction…

Doubt is OUTSIDE of you. Doubt comes from the
adversary and that is separate from you.

YOU ARE NOT the Adversary. And YOU ARE NOT
doubt. Doubt is nowhere in your DNA, your bones,
your blood stream or your cells.

There is NO DOUBT to be found in you!

Just like anxiety, worry, fear and any other negative
thoughts, these are OUTSIDE of you.

Let that bring you a power, a peace and an excitement
about LIFE today.

Since these ‘things’ are outside of you, you get to
exercise your free will and CHOOSE to listen to a
different Voice…

The Voice of Possibility, Love, Contribution, Power!

You overcome the Adversary and its weapons of
doubt, anxiety, fear and worry by seeing yourself
SEPARATE of the Adversary.

When you see it outside of you, you empower your
true Self (YOU, made in the image of God) to bask
in Energy, Love, Power and Peace.

Just take on NOTICING the doubt, anxiety, fear and
worry is OUTSIDE of you. This distinction opens up
a new portal of possibility for you!

May you discover this truth today and ENJOY the
richness it will bring you!

Stand in confidence today, my friend.
Your goals and desires are closer than you know!

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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