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Why Is Personal Growth So Important?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

So, on yesterday’s Coaching Call I shared with my
clients the most common reason people get a NO
when prospecting.

My clients were shocked to hear the reason come
from inside of us, the sales person.

Here’s what I mean by that…

When you are offering your product, service or
opportunity to a prospect you have a certain and
distinct “posture” about you. You are vibrating
at a particular level.

This certain and distinct consciousness is the
CAUSE for attracting an interested prospect or

If you’ve been getting a lot of NO’s in your
prospecting, consider there may be a part of
you that actually WANTS to get a NO!

“Why would any sales person want to get a NO?”
you ask.

The one who doesn’t have the mind-set of Leader.

The one who doesn’t have the mind-set of Wealth.

The one who doesn’t have the mind-set of Success.

These people actually SABOTAGE their Success!

Is that you?

When your subconscious mind is SET at Success,
Leadership and Wealth, the conscious mind behaves
differently. You attract interested prospects.
Your delivery is bolder. Your intention is
stronger. The prospect sees and FEELS your BELIEF
and CONVICTION in your product, yourself and IN THEM!

This is the reason why I am so fiercely committed
to personal growth. I make and keep my personal
growth time for myself every day. I tirelessly
teach my message to my clients, friends and even
strangers! (Really, anyone who will listen).

I’m so passionate about the importance of Personal
Growth because I KNOW:

“Your Business Will Grow As Fast As You Do!”

If you want more Results in your Business, if
you’re ready for a higher level of Success with
your efforts, then get relentless about your
Personal Growth!

“Your Business Will Grow As Fast As You Do!”

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“Your Business Will Grow As Fast As You Do!”

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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What Do You Do When You Do Something Stupid?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

One summer I rented an apartment in a small district of Rome called Trastevere. The name Trastevere means “Across the Tiber”.

On the first day of my Rome experience I decided to go for a little stroll along the Tiber River. When I turned around to lock my apartment door, I took a mental picture of the big blue door, the number 9
plastered above it and the somewhat boring parking lot that surrounded it.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
What I neglected to do was bring a map or names of the surrounding streets.

“I don’t need it,” I said to myself. “I’m not going that far.” And off I went with my mental image of the big blue door with the number 9 plastered above it.

I turned right, then left, then another left and began walking along the Tiber. I came to an adorable center square with a big, beautiful fountain and lots of restaurants. I chose one, sat down and ordered my first meal in Rome.

For hours I watched the people walk by and smiled as I heard them speak Italian… such a beautiful language.

The lovers were walking hand in hand.
The families were pushing strollers with adorable dark haired babies in them. I sat there feeling so Italian while I said, “Buona Sera” to everyone who happened to look my way.

The church bells began to chime. 10 bongs told me it was time to go home. My tired, traveled body needed some sleep. I paid the bill and began walking back to my apartment.

I walked along the river, turned right, then another right, then a left to what was supposed to be the parking lot with a big blue door and the number 9 above it.

But, what I now know about Rome and Trastevere is that everything changes between 3pm and 10pm!

There were now restaurants that had shot up out of nowhere with dozens of fully draped tables, hundreds of people, busy waiters, musicians and the bustling vibration of Italy at night.

What was not present was the big blue door
and the number 9 plastered above it.

I stood in the middle of these “instant”
restaurants and began retracing my steps.

Yes, I was in the correct place. I asked one
of the waiters if he knew where the big blue
door was. He looked at me inquisitively and
said, “Come?” (Which means, “What?” in Italian.)

“Well,” I began, “It’s a big blue door and it
has a number 9 above it” I repeated. And while I am hearing these words come out of my mouth I realize how pathetic I sound.

I walked around for nearly an hour retracing
my steps over and over again. A taxi driver
was going by so I flagged him down and asked him to take me to my apartment.

“What’s the address? he asked in broken English. “Well, it’s a big blue door with this huge number 9 above it.”

He shook his head and as graciously
as a busy taxi driver can, shrugged his shoulders and drove away.

I stood there lost in the middle of Rome with
no big blue door and no number 9 plastered above it.

At that moment I made a very wise decision that has impacted the rest of my life…

I decided to BE GREAT.

Even in the midst of acting irresponsible and
not brining the map or even the address, I decided to see myself as “Great”.

I said to myself, “even though I feel like an
idiot; I am powerful.”

“Even though I feel alone; I am divinely guided.”

“Even though I feel frustrated; I am enough.”

Standing in the middle of that self-induced chaos, I decided to love myself. And in that moment I prayed a prayer of gratitude to God. “Thank you for creating me whole and complete, perfect in your image. I am divinely guided.”

Before I spoke the “Amen”, I opened my eyes, looked up and saw a big blue door with the number 9 plastered above it! It was there the entire time; ‘hiding’ behind the “instant” restaurants.

I am grateful for that experience and many
others where I’ve made some dumb choices in my traveling, business or life. Forgotten
keys or prospects, incorrect pronounciations
or misspoken words; all of these “mess-ups”
gave me the opportunity to love and accept
myself NO MATTER WHAT the circumstance.
The most powerful force in the entire world
is LOVE.

When you bring LOVE, PASSION and ENERGY to a project, a client, a prospect, a child,
a relationship, you meet with success.

Every time.
LOVE always wins…

And one of the most important aspects of love is: SELF-LOVE.

Growth begins with Self-Love.
Forgiveness begins with Self-Love.
Happiness starts with Self-Love.
Service and true transformation begins with

And “Self-Love” is a DECISION.

What about you?

What circumstance, rejection or failure
are you STILL HOLDING on to?

The MIND makes things up. The MIND makes
up that if a ‘bad’ circumstance happens,
then life is bad (or you are bad).

The MIND makes up that if it has a moment
of happiness, life is good and you are good.
Self-Love is NOT tied to circumstances.
It is NOT tied to other people’s opinions.

Self-Love is not tied to your pin level or your accomplishments.

Self-Love is a DECISION…

A DECISION to Honor the Creation called “You” just because “You” exist.

What would your life look like if you stopped
collapsing feelings with being?

In the midst of a self-induced problem,
you can “feel” stupid, alone or frustrated
and “be” powerful, connected, and divinely

Take a stand for yourself. Know who you are and whose you are. Decide who you are being in spite of any feelings and choose self-love.

Declare yourself whole and complete, powerful, a divinely guided genius… And you will be.

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed. ~ Citizen of the World

This is a Chapter from my newest book,
“Wheels Up!” How Travel Ignites Your Spirit
and Transforms Your Life.”

Is Your Subconscious Set for Wealth or Struggle?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The number one reason people limit their wealth potential is the hidden fear and limiting beliefs they have about money.

These limitations cause them to actually repel money!
If you’re thinking right now, “That’s me!” please know you are not alone and that is exactly where all wealthy people were BEFORE they learned how to MANAGE their subconscious and their limiting beliefs about money!

I’ve seen it countless times with my coaching clients, until you MASTER your mind around money and success, you simply can’t create it.

And then, when you’ve learned the process of mastering your mind, you’ve got to maintain it! I have to catch myself on a regular basis when limiting beliefs or negative thoughts creep in.

Especially since I was one of those Real Estate investors who bought 5 homes and had to short sale 3 of them. I know first hand how to break through struggle and low self-esteem around money and GET BACK into the game of creating wealth.

I am committed to helping you, too.

What habits have you formed around money? How would you describe your money blueprint?

The single most powerful habit I created for myself that turned everything around for me and my company was the habit of a DAILY PRACTICE to retrain my brain, manage my thoughts and create the consciousness that IS WEALTHY and HEALTHY.

I invite you to invest in yourself and your future by jumping into a daily practice that will teach you how to shatter limiting beliefs and create a wealth-producing mind set!

It’s called, “Quantum Leap Coaching” and it will help you radically change your relationship with money and success.

You’ll be working with me every week for 6 months to break through your limitations with money and success. You’ll follow a strategy to attract more money and get on course to be financial free.

What would your life look like if you learned how to identify and shatter the money blocks that keep you stuck?!

Really answer that… What would your life look like?

I’ll tell you what it would look like, because I’ve seen it with myself and thousands of times with my coaching clients…

It would look like Freedom! You would be living a life of abundance, prosperity, purpose and contribution.

In Quantum Leap Coaching you’ll retrain the brain and learn how to create a money mind-set.

There’s an Awakening happening in 2012. And there’s no better time for YOU to get the Coaching you need to be a part of this Awakening.

In Quantum Leap Coaching you’ll learn how to:

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• Set and achieve your money goals; and,
• Be a major contribution to your family, community and the planet!

You will laugh (and be shocked) when Lisa shares with you the hidden messages about money your behavior is screaming out.

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Are You a Risk Taker?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Picture a 2 year old who sees a set of stairs for the very first time…

What goes through that little one’s mind when they look up at that amazing sight?

Would they say, “Wow! I’ve got to get to the top of that… But, wait!… It may be too risky. I may get hurt. What would my friends say about me back at the sandbox? They might judge me… What would happen if I fell? I heard there’s a code orange in stair climbing! It’s too risky. I’ll just stay right down here where it’s safe.”

Ya, right. Like that would ever be said by a 2-year old!

A young child would see the staircase, say to himself, “I’ve got to get to the top!” And they would start climbing!

Well, my friend, you know this little child. This little one is YOU! You were once 2 years old. You once had all the bold, daring, imaginative zest for life!

Ask your parents what you were like when you were young. They couldn’t keep you from climbing! It is in your very nature to go, to explore, to risk.

You are a natural born risk-taker!

So, what happened?

Well, LIFE happened. And somewhere along the way you lost your natural, risk taking ability. However, the truth is, if at one time you had it, then you can get it back!

Call on your inborn risk-taking ability and take the first step of your staircase TODAY! Make that phone call. Get out that prospect list. Look at that Vision Board. Say, “Yes” to that opportunity….

Let the ‘2 year old’ in you take the first step and START CLIMBING!

It’s FUN!

You are a Natural Born Risk-Taker! If you want to rekindle the RISK TAKER in you, get registered for Quantum Leap Coaching! Team 19 begins in 3 weeks! Check it out at:

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Is Your Life Too Closely Guarded?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Let’s talk today about your willingness to FAIL.

Some of you just won’t have it.
You make sure you don’t fail so you set goals
that you know you can reach. You prospect to
people who are ‘just like you’ or less intimidating.

You’re the type of person who never starts a
business (or a new market share) until you have
the strategic plan mapped out, the market
research complete and the risk level managed.

Well, good for you…

I am a business coach and understand the value of
managing risk.

However, I’ve also witnessed an amazing serge of
potential when one of my clients sets a goal where
they will most likely fail, but they are so juiced
by the risk ~ they are so inspired by their boldness,
they flippin make it happen!

Ideas come to them; people are attracted to them;
opportunities beyond their imagination become
available and life takes on a whole new level!

Psychologists tell us that if a child has not had
a serious fall within the first year of life,
they are being too closely guarded (smothered).

It’s the same with your life. Is your life too
closely guarded?

Are you being smothered in safety?

Give yourself permission to dream big, be bold
and set unreasonable goals for yourself and your
business; especially with the upcoming new year!

Give yourself permission to FAIL.

It’s only in this space that you will surprise
yourself. It’s only in this decision that you
REALLY thrive!

We’re launching Quantum Leap Coaching Team 19
next month. You’ll be setting new and exciting
Goals for 2012. If you’re ready to be BOLD and
UNREASONABLE with your goals (and yourself),
join us! You’ll get inspired by YOU and what
you’re truly capable of creating.

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Boldness Gets Rewarded!

Lisa Jimenez