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Do You Know How to Manifest?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Last February 11th I sent out a request to all of you to plant
a seed of an idea, an intention or goal that you want to
“birth” in 9 months; on 11.11.11!

Well, we are 2 weeks away. How did you do?

Several of you responded to this request! (I pasted the
February Blog post below.) I want you to know that I kept
all of the emails sent to me from that request and I just
reread them today. Wow! They are inspiring!

Please email me and let me know what you manifested in
9 months! Email me at:

I also created a goal and planted a seed 9 months ago.
My intention was to be in Paris (my favorite city) on
11.11.11 with the Love of my Life!

Now, on February 11th, 2010 I didn’t even have a Lover
in my life. Yet, I never allow “reality” to stop me from
dreaming big!

Read that again…

Do you really get that? Reality can be your worst enemy
to BELIEVING that you really do have the power to make
anything and everything happen in your life.

Anything, Anything, Anything IS POSSIBLE!

Never allow “Reality” or “Your Current Circumstances”
determine your future, your goals or your dreams.

I believe this MORE THAN EVER!

Just 9 Days after I wrote out the “Paris on 11.11.11 with
The Love of My Life” I met Patrick at Starbucks.
(Our Story of how we met is also pasted below!)

Patrick is the Love of My Life! And, on 11.11.11 we will be
waking up in Paris, France celebrating Life, our Love and
the privilege of CREATING!

If you want to learn how to manifest your dreams for your
Business and Life, I strongly encourage you to get involved
in my Coaching Programs! Quantum Leap Coaching, TEAM
19 is all about setting intentions that manifest. You will
get RESULTS! In this 6 month Coaching Program you will
learn how to set an intention, create a strategic plan,
receive and ACT on inspired action and MANIFEST
your goals and desires!

If you want more information on QLC Team 19, go to: and click on Coaching!

Looking forward to partnering with you to set and achieve
your goals in QLCoaching Team 19!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here is the original blog post that I sent out on February
11th, 2010:

Today is a special day… In the realm of human gestation,
whatever you create today will be “birthed” on 11.11.11!
Just 9 months from now!

I had a friend ask me, “Why wait so long?”

That’s a valid question. I’ve seen my clients manifest a
RESULT in just a few days! However, the point I want to
make in this article is the fact that some goals do take longer.

And, there are dreams, ideas and intentions you have that
are on a “Divine” timetable. They are in God’s hands and
His timing. And these things you don’t want to rush!

It’s similar to pregnancy. We know it takes 9 months for a baby
to become healthy enough to be “birthed”. And we wouldn’t
want that baby to come early! Some of you have experienced
the challenges that come when a baby is birthed too soon.

There is a natural, Divine timing to birthing a baby.
We call it gestation.

Let’s apply that truth to our own goals, dreams and intentions
today. Let’s RELAX in the process of creating and ENJOY the
privilege of being a creator of our dreams, goals and intentions!

Are you rushing the process of your goals being “birthed”?
Do you create frustration because they aren’t happening
“fast enough”?

Let go of the timing. Trust that your goals, dreams and intentions
will be “birthed” in Divine timing… the perfect time!

Today, on February 11th, 2011 CREATE a goal. Plant that seed
and speak it as an Intention. Nurture it every day. Act on the
promptings you are given to “take care of it” and TRUST that
your Goal will be manifested in PERFECT Timing.

The new Intention I am Creating Today is: “I Enjoy Being in Paris
with the Love of My Life on 11.11.11!”

I call in the people, ideas and opportunities that will “birth” this
goal by 11.11.11 and in Perfect Timing!

What’s your Intention?

Email me with the Intention you are creating for yourself.
And then rest in the privilege of being a creator of your life…
standing in TRUST that it will be “birthed” in perfect timing!

If you want help with manifesting your business and life goals,
check out Quantum Leap Coaching Program at:

To your Rich Life!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is the “Love Story” of how Patrick and I met from both of
our perspective! Enjoy it! And, never allow “Reality” to keep you
from setting and achieving your greatest desires…

Give yourself permission to Create A Life That Inspires You!

Here is our “Starbucks Love Story” of how we first met…

Lisa’s Version:
As an International Speaker and Business Coach,
conducting business meetings at coffee shops is a
common event for me. But, on a lovely South Florida
morning, at my neighborhood Starbucks, something
occurred that was far from common.

I was in a conversation with one of my clients when I
noticed a really cute guy sitting at the table next to me.
He was obviously in a business meeting as well and
extremely focused on his client. When I got up to throw
away my coffee cup I intentionally walked by his table,
touched his shoulder and said, “Have a great meeting.”
We smiled at each other as I turned to walk away and
head toward my car.

Just as I was about to open my car door I felt a wave
of energy approaching me. It was him! He had jumped
up in the middle of his meeting, ran out to the parking
lot and was now standing in front of me with a huge grin
on his face.

“I know this is completely inappropriate,” he says, as he
gasps for air. “But, I have to know you.”

He hands me his business card and continues, “Maybe
we can grab a coffee or a drink or something. But, I just
have to know you.” he says again.

I respond with the only words that I could think of to
match his actions.

“That’s impressive,” I say, as I accept his card and feel
my heart double beat! Within the hour I emailed him and
gave him my number. Within another hour he called me
and set up our first date.

It’s curious to me how love, as well as opportunity, often
finds me when I least expect it. What’s the lesson for
everyone? Be open. Be approachable. Be bold. And drink lattés!

Written by: Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Patrick’s Version:
It’s important I start by saying I wasn’t looking for her.
Not in the proverbial, “if you don’t look for her you’ll find
her” sense but rather, “I just started a company 5 months
ago and need to focus one hundred percent of my attention
on getting it off the ground.”

My heart, soul, and passion were singularly focused in that
endeavor of entrepreneurship.

On a perfect February morning in sunny South Florida that
vision brought me to a wrought iron table outside of Starbucks
and a meeting between myself, my business partner Brian, and

We had been very fortunate to get a meeting with Peter – a
VERY well connected businessman with access into the market
we were targeting. This meeting was the real deal. Sitting in
front of Peter with his salt and pepper hair, pinstripe suite, and
thick British accent I reminded myself of our goal. Show him
we’re smart, capable, and professional.

As we started our meeting I noticed a gorgeous blond woman
sitting at the table next to us. She was confidently talking to
what was clearly a client of some type; making her not just
beautiful, but a business woman as well.

For a brief moment we made eye contact and smiled at one
another. She was beautiful, a business woman, AND had a
brilliant, powerful smile. This was, to put it mildly, my type
of girl – and had it not been for my singular focus, this
meeting, and “Mr. England”, I would have stopped everything
to ask, “Who is this bombshell!”. But I didn’t. This wasn’t the
time. I turned back and continued with our meeting.

Then – she got up. Her meeting was done and as she walked
over to toss something in the trash she reentered my field of
view. She turned and began to walk right towards me – so I
thought. As our eyes locked she flashed me that million dollar
smile. Just as I realized she was walking to the parking lot
behind me she reached her hand out, rested four fingers on
my shoulder and hit me with, “Hope you have a great meeting.”

Those words might as well have been a bolt of lightning
crashing down from an otherwise cloudless blue sky.
WHAT WAS THAT? I had never in my life felt what just
blew through my body and lit up my soul. It started in
my shoulder and exploded out my heart, head and feet.

I was completely blindsided and dumbfounded. After about
a second and a half I realized she hadn’t broken stride and
was, with every passing instant, getting further and further
away from me.

A meeting I absolutely can’t screw up and a woman that
just blew me away with a touch… You’ve got to be kidding
me! I contemplated, “Do I chase after this mystery woman
through a parking lot and blow the all important meeting?
Or do I resign myself to a life not lived?”

I hadn’t even finished asking myself the question before I
was up on my feet after a quick “Excuse me for a second”
and chasing after her.

As I approached her I slowed down. When I finally got to
her I said in a panting voice, “Hey” (gasp for breath) “So
this is totally inappropriate – but I need to know you”.
I reached out and handed her one of my business cards
and said, “Can we do coffee or a drink sometime? I can’t
really explain it but…. Yea, I need to know you.”

She looked at me – flashed her heart-melting smile – and
I’ll never forget what she said. “Wow, that’s impressive.”
It was perfect. It made us both laugh at the craziness of
what I just did and allowed my heart to start beating again
and lungs to start working. We exchanged info and agreed
to be in touch.

As I walked back to the table I had no idea what to expect.
Was Peter even going to still be there? Would my business
partner ever talk to me again? As I approached the table
“Mr. England” spoke first (in the thickest accent you have
ever heard). “Wut haappend?” he inquired, “I thought you
were going to bring her baaack!”

Turns out he appreciated my taking the bull by the horns
when my heart demanded it. The meeting turned out great
and the blond bombshell with the dazzling smile and the
electrifying touch ended up being my soul-mate.

Keep your heart open – and when you feel it, go after it
with all you have no matter what the circumstance.

Written by: Patrick
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, what do ya think? Pretty inspiring, huh?
I want this for you, too! I’ve seen it with all
my clients ~ contracts go through; books are
launched; businesses grow; love shows up…

You really can learn how to manifest the goals,
intentions and desires of your heart.

Please check out QLCoaching! I know I can help
you manifest what you want. I’m an expert at it!

To your Rich Life!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is To CREATE It!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to CREATE IT!

Do you believe that statement?

I sure do! I’ve seen my client’s organizations grow, profits soar
into the 6 figures, books get published, speaking and coaching
careers get launched…

All because they joined Quantum Leap Coaching and got the help they need to finally DECIDE what they REALLY want and get the WEEKLY Coaching they need to CREATE it!

Are you ready for this type of Coaching Program?

Quantum Leap Coaching Team 19 launches on Tuesday,
December 6th, 2011… just in time to complete 2011 with
strength and clarity and give yourself the foundation you’ll
need to make 2012 “Your Best Year Ever!”

What will 2012 be for you?

You’ll know when you CREATE it first. Through training, insight,
exercises and homework assignments, you will build a momentum
in your ACTIONS that can take off like a rocket!

The “90 Day Plan-Of-Action” and WEEKLY Homework Assignments keep you focused and ‘on fire’ toward your goals.

You will have all you need to get ‘unstuck’ and BREAKTHROUGH to new and exciting levels!

With QLC Team 19 you’ll get 6 months of WEEKLY Group Coaching and 6 months of BI-WEEKLY Private Coaching to make sure you have a CLEAR plan and know exactly what to do next to achieve your goals.

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It is such an exciting time in History! 2012 promises to be the Awakening we have been waiting for. The research is clear that money is about to shift hands, ideas are about to come to fruition with velocity and the entire planet is about to shift. This is exciting! You have been chosen for just a time as this. I am thrilled to be your Coach and help you usher in 2012 and create Your Best Year Ever!

QLC Team 19 will be the Coaching Program for you to usher in this most important year.

Register today and get one month PAID FOR!

I look forward to being your Coach and Accountability Partner to achieve your goals and have FUN growing your business and Creating your “Best Life”!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

CHINA Mastermind Retreat Shanghai, Beijing and Xain!

October 1st – 10th, 2012
You will be immersed in royal treatment in the elegance of Shanghai and Beijing, China.
With its prosperous ambiance and ancient wisdom, China is the perfect place for you to
connect with other success-minded entrepreneurs and get the coaching you need to turn
your ideas into wealth-generating opportunities. The China Mastermind Retreat includes
one year of Coaching. Program launches in December 2011.

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Friday, October 21st, 2011

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Before my Mastermind Retreat in Tuscany, we were in a conversation about Creating Results by accessing our Intellectual Faculties. Let’s pick it up from there…

You’ve got 6 Intellectual Faculties that help you Experience and Create your life; and

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help you live life to the fullest!

We already talked about Memory and Imagination. The Intellectual Faculty of Memory can be a blessing or a curse.
It’s your choice what you focus on and what you choose to remember about your past; both your failures and successes.

Just imagine what your “consciousness” (your state) would be if you chose to focus ONLY on the memories of courage, success, love, connection!

The Intellectual Faculty of Imagination is your greatest access to manifest what you really want! Imagination is your fantasy trigger that sets your mood, thoughts and energy. This gift helps you expand what’s possible in the mind! And, knowing that success is created in the mind first, you can just “imagine” how powerful imagination is to creating results! Get it?

Today let’s talk about the 3rd Intellectual Faculty: Perception!

Perception is your view of events or facts. Events and facts are neutral. Your perception of those is your point of view and determines your attitude. We all know how important a good attitude is.

Again, you have control over your Perception. You can shift how you see things. Take a negative circumstance and shift it with your gift of Perception and what used to lower your energy, now enhances it!

Remember, all things are NEATRAL! Money is neutral. Circumstances are neutral. Words are neutral. Labels are neutral. They ONLY have power by the MEANING you give them.

If you get laid off, you may see it as a bad thing because you lost your income, or a good thing because now you are free to move to a better job.

If someone quits your business or leaves you in a relationship, you may see it as a bad thing because you got rejected, or a good thing because now you have the space to attract something better!

When you see a situation that at first appears bad, stop, clear your mind, and see it as neutral. Then, tap into your Intellectual Faculty of Perception and change your point of view to find the good.

There’s always GOOD because there is ONLY good. And that can be the Perception of your life. Just imagine what your life will look like when you take on this perception.

Let your mantra be, “All things happen for my Highest Good!” and you will begin to perceive ALL that happens or doesn’t happen as a GIFT of goodness and perfection.

If you want to master this shift and learn how to tap into your Intellectual Faculties for greater RESULTS in your business, join my Quantum Leap Coaching Program.

QLC Team 19 launches next month. Just in time to complete 2011 powerfully and create the space for remarkable RESULTS in 2012.

Request your information package today at or go to:

Everything in your life can be radically transformed for GOOD when you tap into the power of your Intellectual Faculties and learn how to utilize these amazing gifts every day.

What’s your PERCEPTION of that?

Make it a great day!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

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I’m back from Italy and the Tuscany Mastermind Retreat!
The amazing power of the Mastermind blew me away again!

We all have ideas, goals and dreams. But in the Mastermind these same ideas, goals and dreams get expanded to a whole new level. Then, strategies start popping out. What seems difficult is made easy. Each person shares experience

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s. Trust is present and a bond is made that lasts a lifetime.

In this space problems get solved and action steps are revealed with velocity. Belief in the idea is broadened as each Member shares their input. And, the most important aspect of the Mastermind, people get into ACTION!

I’ve done 10 Mastermind Retreats all over the world and I have witnessed miraculous results from them. Books get published. Businesses get launched. Marriages are transformed. Higher Pin Levels are reached. True, authentic Goals are set and achieved with velocity…

I love coaching my clients and know this gets results. And yet, the Mastermind brings these results to a whole new level!

There is synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a Mastermind Group. The members are called to a higher level of thinking and inspire each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

It says in Scripture, “Where 2 or more come together, there I Am.” These words help explain the mystical aspect of the Mastermind. There is an expanded level of wisdom present and people come up with brilliant ideas with ease! There’s an expanded level of belief present and people drop their excuses and breakthrough limitations to higher levels of thinking and achieving!

The concept of the Mastermind Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s. In his timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich” he wrote about the Mastermind principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He continues…

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

If you are not in a Mastermind, consider joining ours! The next Mastermind Retreat is in China! And the Mastermind Portion of that Retreat begins next month. You can check it out at:

I must warn you, I am very particular with who I let into the Mastermind. I’ve learned the hard way that when even just ONE person is not “ready” it lessens the power.

These are the qualifications for the members of the Mastermind Retreat:

You must be WILLING to be Coachable and TRUST the process of the Mastermind. You may have to let go of habitual behavior that you THINK is ‘good’ but is really just sabotaging your success.

You must be WILLING to be supportive to others in the group. The more you give, the more you get.

You must be WILLING to be brilliant. You have so many answers and a vast amount of wisdom. You must allow yourself to think big and offer yourself, your wisdom to others.

You must be WILLING to think differently and allow yourself to embrace a whole new perspective of your life. IE: What you THINK you’ve forgiven or forgotten will come up in the Mastermind and you will have an opportunity to be truly FREE from it. You must be WILLING to do the work to liberate yourself.

If you are WILLING and if you are READY to embark on a journey with me and your Mastermind participants, then check out the China Mastermind Retreat at:

The Mastermind will help you begin thinking at a whole new level! Thought are THINGS! When you begin thinking differently, you’ll begin acting differently. And that’s when it gets exciting!

You’ll begin experiencing tons of energy! You’ll be called into action and find it fulfilling and energizing! You’ll get results with velocity (many clients say they become “miracle manifesters”)!

After you’ve checked out the CHINA Mastermind Retreat, you must set up a private Coaching Call with me. This only takes 15 to 30 minutes and is mandatory to your participation in the Mastermind Retreat. Email your request to

I’m excited about the people who have already signed up for the China Mastermind Retreat and look forward to chatting with you to see if you’ll be next!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Tapping Into Your Intellectual Faculties: The Power of Imagination

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

So, we’re in a conversation about Creating Results
by accessing our Intellectual Faculties.

You’ve got 6 Intellectual Faculties that are
(in my opinion) a great gift from God to help
you live life to the fullest!

Yesterday we talked about MEMORY. You get to
choose what you remember. You have free will
to think of a good memory or a bad one.

And believe me what you choose matters!

How ya doing with that one? Are you disciplined
to access your MEMORY to inspire and empower you?

Today, let’s talk about Imagination…

Imagination is the Intellectual Faculty used to
fantasize and create your dream life. It is the
part of the mind that Thomas Edison referred to
as the land of possibilities.

I’ve read that Edison would spend hours on his
pier in Fort Meyers with a fishing pole in the
water (without bate on his hook). Apparently,
no one bothered you when you were ‘fishing’ and
he could spend hours in his own imagination!

Wow, I’d love to ‘see’ those mind movies.
When Edison tapped into the Intellectual Faculty
called Imagination, his fantasies were of the movie
projector and incandescent light bulb. The Wright
brothers fantasized about flight. Madame Curie
fantasized about radioactivity and maybe even
about receiving the Nobel Prize! (She was honored
with two!)

Fantasies CREATE results!

If you knew your fantasies create a specific result,
what would you spend your time ‘dreaming about’?

The problem with most people is they were told at
a young age to STOP daydreaming. Most likely you
were told to “get your head out of the clouds”.

This is the worse advice ever!

Tapping into your imagination is a GIFT. Spending
time creating your fantasy is one of the most
productive ways to spend your time. Imagination expands
ideas. It inspires you to action.

Tapping into your Imagination creates RESULTS.

It is both a privilege and your birthright to utilize
this Intellectual Faculty. Give yourself permission to
do so.

All inventions require someone’s imagination to apply the

An active imagination will take you beyond the limits
created by your own self-image. An active imagination
takes you beyond the limits of logic…

Why don’t you lean back in your chair, close your eyes
and tap into your Imagination right now!

Allow the Intellectual Faculty of Imagination to ‘work
its magic’ and imagine a fantasy that moves and inspires

What would that look like?

I want to know what you see. Email it to me or respond
to this blog post.

Tap into your Imagination today!

Always Creating,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.