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What do you do when you fail, get rejected or lose?

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

The most powerful force in the entire world is LOVE.

When you bring LOVE, PASSION and ENERGY to a project, a client, a prospect, a child, a relationship, you meet with success. Every time.

LOVE always wins…

You’ve seen it, a person who is ‘on fire’ about an idea, a project, a client and all of a sudden it looks like they are lucky, talented and skilled.

You’ve witnessed a parent who takes a stand for their child and loves them into a healing of their body, heart or mind.
And suddenly, it looks like they got lucky, talented and skilled in their parenting.

You’ve heard of relationships that broke through to new levels of love and commitment…

While luck, talent and skill are needed, they are not the most important aspect to creating success in business and in life. It’s always LOVE.

LOVE is the most powerful force on the planet.

But, what about the times when you don’t feel like you made a difference?

What about when a prospect says no; or a client goes to a competitor; or a distributor quits. What about the time when you get fired, dumped or rejected.

Then what?

In 2001, after leaving the church I was raised in, one of my relatives told me I was damning myself to hell.

In 2002, after signing a consulting contract with a Network Marketing company, I got fired. The company said I was not congruent with their mission.

In 2003, after an 18 year marriage, my former husband said he wanted to be single.

in 2005, after investing most of my savings into real-estate investments, 3 of the 5 properties were foreclosed and sold in a short sale.

Then what?

What I can share with you is this: It was from those circumstances that I was given a miraculous opportunity to access the most important, the most powerful aspect of LOVE…
And that is, “Self-Love”.


In Scripture it says, “Forgive.” But, how can someone forgive when they have no self-love to draw from? Another amazing verse says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But, how can someone love their neighbor if they have even one ounce of self-loathing?

Forgiveness begins with Self-Love.
Happiness starts with Self-Love.
Service and true transformation begins with Self-Love.
True confidence and power comes from Self-Love.

And “Self-Love” is a DECISION.

That was the DECISION I got to make when faced with my family, career, marital and financial “failure”.

What about you?

What circumstance, rejection or failure are you STILL HOLDING on to?

The MIND makes things up. The MIND makes up that if a ‘bad’ circumstance happens, then life is bad (or you are bad). The MIND makes up that if it has a moment of happiness, life is good and you are good.

We are SO flippin attached to circumstances!

And, it’s all crap!

Self-Love is NOT tied to circumstances.
It is NOT tied to other people’s opinions.
Self-Love is not tied to your accomplishments.

Self-Love is a DECISION…

A DECISION to Honor the Creation called “You” just because “You” exist.

There is nothing you have to do or become to have God’s Love.
So, why not DECIDE to Believe that… And let go of ‘proving yourself’, ‘being right’, or your insatiable need to attach who you are to circumstances, achievements or other people’s approval…

What if you decided that ‘everything that happens to you is NOT YOU!’

And who you REALLY are is Pure Possibility!

Now, on that foundation, what would your life look like? What could you create? What contribution would you be?

WOW! The possibilities are endless. That’s the world I want to live in.

And that IS the world I live in today…

I have an amazing career that fulfills me and lights me up! I get to travel the world sharing my message with incredible entrepreneurs. Through my books, speaking and Mastermind Retreats I get to be a powerful space for people to
create ‘their best life’…

I experience profound relationships with my children who are independent, happy, whole and complete. They teach me so much and make me laugh all the time…

I have a good relationship with my former husband, his wife and their baby…

I enjoy a delicious relationship with the man of my dreams, who loves me more than I ever dreamed possible. We enjoy stimulating conversations, side-splitting laughter, and continuous moments of romance, connection and love…

I’m reinventing my financial portfolio and have several exciting projects we’re participating in…

And, all of this was created from the foundation of “Self-Love”.
If I lost it all today, I know I’d be okay. Because circumstances, other people, failure or even success, do not define me.

I Am pure possibility! I Am completely loved by the One Who Created Me. And that’s enough for me!

What about you?

To your Transformation,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Release the Shackles of Mediocrity

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Release the Shackles of Mediocrity!

Imagine a BIG production company came to you with a huge budget and a line-up of the biggest names in Hollywood to make a movie of your life.

Tell me. Would anyone want to go see it?

And, if they did, would it be pegged as a great adventure; filled with outrageous risk and incredible quests? Would it be a famous suspense movie; peppered with dramatic failures where you turned victim to victory? Would it be an empowering love story – a heart-warming example of a person who knows how to really love?

In other words…

Are you living a life worth watching?

And If not, why not? What’s keeping you from really living?

In all the business Coaching I get to do I have a front row seat to the behaviors of high achievers. I notice a common thread weaving within every success story. Every person had some amount of hidden fear they had to deal with in order to breakthrough mediocrity.

Hidden fears are the biggest culprit that keep you from really living.
But there’s something else…

It’s boredom.

Several people called into a radio show I did last week asking why they can’t stay motivated and focused long enough to create a breakthrough success. They ask, “What is wrong with me?”

Have you ever asked that question before? How many times have you set a goal for yourself that you are excited about, and then, within a very short time you get sidetracked and stop doing the things you know you need to?

Are you lazy? Do you lack discipline?

I don’t think it is either of these. I believe it is your beliefs about letting yourself really live – really love – really succeed! Many people think they’re just not meant to live an outrageous life. And that belief holds them in bondage of mediocrity!

When I was a little girl, my parents would often visit some special friends. These friends had a daughter named Michelle whom everyone (including my parents) affectionately called, “The Princess.” Well, I guess there can only be one princess because I was referred to as, “The Duchesse.”

I can still remember how much I hated that nickname. Now, mind you, I know a Duchesse is royalty. But, in my five year old little mind the Duchesse did not symbolize royalty. To me it clearly meant “second place”. I began to see myself as second place.

Fast forward 5 years. I’m in my first dance competition. What place do you think I came in? – Second place!

Fast forward 7 years. I’m in my first speech competition. What place do you think I came in? – Second place!

Fast forward 10 years. I’m in my first beauty pageant. What place do you think I came in? – Second place!

Then, the next year I’m in the Miss Teen USA contest. I’ve completed all but one final competition. The reigning queen approaches me during the break and says, “Lisa, you’ve got this thing. Just go out there and give a great interview and you’re going to win!” The interview process was my strongest ability. This was going to be a sure thing. But when I took hold of the microphone, I froze. All I can remember saying is a bunch of unintelligible words and soon the announcement came. Lisa Jimenez – first runner-up – SECOND PLACE!

It was a self-fulfilled prophecy of my belief at that time. I just didn’t see myself as first place.

What about you?

Do you have any silly childhood nicknames or past experiences that are limiting you? What are they? Are you willing to expose them – deal
with them – and breakthrough them? Until you expose and break free from them, you’ll continue to create mediocrity ~ and not even know why!

When I finally realized I had created a pattern of second place, I began changing that belief. I began seeing myself in first place and my behaviors followed suit and lived up to my “first place” expectation.

Several months into my breakthrough, I received a little box tied with a satin ribbon from Michelle’s mom. Inside this box was a tiny princess carriage made of gold. It came with a note that read, “Lisa, you are always a princess to me.” I still have that tiny, golden carriage and look at it often. It reminds me that a belief and can transformed and a self-view can be recreated!

How do you see yourself?

When you look in the mirror at your reflection, what and who do you see? Do you see a National Sales Director? A millionaire? A lovable friend? A successful business owner? Or do you see that childhood nickname, past failures, or second place?

Your personal perception of yourself defines your reality.

“You can never out-perform your “Self-View”!

It’s true that success is the combination of belief and time. The more belief you have, the less time it takes.

Cultivate your internal value!

I want this success report to be an electric current of energy that will motivate you to throw yourself out into the world to make a difference – a big difference.

It’s about tuning in and turning on. And you begin this process by believing you are meant to achieve great things. Only you can release the shackles of mediocrity.

What bold, outrageous difference will you make in life that will be worth watching? What steps do you need to take today to begin?

Remember, you can’t outperform your “Self-View”!

Craft the vision of your “Ideal Life”. Write the screen play of your “Best Life” and give yourself permission to BE GREAT and live a life they write movies about! And, if you want to email it to me, I will read it. Send it to: Remember, you get to choose the next Chapter and the next Scene in your Life! Make it a Brilliant, Exciting, Miraculous, Adventurous Love Story! Happy Creating!

Richest blessings,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.