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Is Your Mind-Set Keeping You From Success? “The Trap of Crap!”

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Dear Friend,

I am 40,000 feet above the earth coming home from my European Speaking and Book Tour. From Stockholm to Florence to Paris… Extraordinary! These three incredible cities represent three very distinct “mind-sets”. I’d like to share with you my perspective of these 3 cities and ask you to discern which “mind-set” most resembles yours; especially as a woman, building big in the business world…

First, I did a presentation in Stockholm. The Swedes are amazing people. They love to learn and expand themselves; which can be challenging for them as the mindset with most Swedes is to be “good” but not “too good”. Create success. But not “too much” success.

Were you raised with that mentality? Many women in our industry want success, but not too much success. They fear they will be judged for “showing off” and/or “making others feel bad about their progress. Hmmmm…. Maybe it’s the caregiver side of women who think they are somehow taking away from another when they are “too” successful.

Did your mom, dad or guardian tell you not to “show off” when you received an award, straight A’s or a trophy? And how is that mentality affecting you and your potential today? Where are you allowing it to stop you from really taking on your business and building BIG?!

Then there’s the “Corporate” mentality in Sweden. Most of my Swedish clients are new to entrepreneurialism and still work full time for government or a corporation. And rightly so; the corporations in Sweden treat their employees very well. When a couple has a baby, they BOTH get maternity leave. And the woman is guaranteed her position back even if she chooses to take a year off being a full time mom. One of my Swedish clients got my Quantum Leap Coaching program completely paid for by her employer!

Don’t get too enamored… this can be a trap!

It’s the trap of the ‘golden handcuffs’; you may know it well. You don’t want to launch that business idea as to lose your J.O.B.’s health benefits or severance package or retirement fund… What a trap of crap! Ha! But this mentality is prevalent in most women because we were raised to gravitate toward “security”. But, my question for you is: “What is security?” Hmmmmm… Where are you allowing the “Golden Handcuff” mentality to stop you from pursuing the calling in your heart and transforming your beliefs about what “REAL SECURITY” is?

What I love about Sweden is it’s full of potential! The Swedish people are so eager to learn personal development and have such a hunger for expansion and growth. I have spoken in Sweden 5 times and once to an audience of over 10,000 people! They show up early, drive from great distances and stay late to “talk to me” more!

The day after my presentation I had a business owner hire me to come back to Sweden this coming September to present to his organization. And after that call I received another from a Swedish publisher who bought the rights to “Conquer Fear!”, “Don’t Mess With the Princess!” and my “Money Makeover Kit” and they have over 250,000 people in their data base. The Swedes can’t get enough of personal development and have an amazing hunger to learn and grow. Maybe you are like the Swedes; full of potential, possibility and hunger for growth. What are you doing today to feed that desire for spiritual and personal growth? Where are you willing to transform your limiting beliefs around “showing off” your success and your definition of “security”? Hmmmm…. Give ya something to think about.

Then I flew to Florence…

Ahhhhh Florence! The mindset of this magical city is family, food and leaving a legacy. I spent a week there planning my next Mastermind Retreat in Tuscany. I had the opportunity to set up excursions and meet the owners of these family owned businesses. Incredible! First, I went to The Leather Academy and Show Room. This family owned business was founded nearly 100 years ago and is now run by the owners’ daughters. Laura is the marketing director and spent 2 hours showing me pictures, telling me about her family, her father’s vision and the legacy of the Leather Academy. Her older sister is one of the main designers of the handbags and Barbara, the youngest sister is the bookkeeper. This company is a global organization and yet their greatest pride comes from being in Florence and leaving a family legacy.

What is the legacy you are leaving behind in your business and life? Have you written out you 100 year business plan? And, most importantly, DO YOU REALLY GET THE IMPACT your success has on others ~ all over the world?!! Hmmmmm… gives ya something to think about!

Then I visited Lorenzo Villoresi’s perfume factory located next to the Ponte Vecchio. Again I witnessed an international business that has its roots in “family” and “Florence”. Angela, who is Lorenzo’s assistant showed me around the offices and shared the heritage and vision of Villoresi’s family.

The Santa Maria Novella company is one of the largest global distributors of body care products. You’ll find this amazing product in every Four Season’s Hotel and other fine spas around the world. And again, even though they are an International company their heritage is family and Florence.

Hmmmm… It got me thinking about the teams I’ve created to grow my company. After spending time in these companies I am present to the importance of creating a legacy with my company and the mission I’ve been given. What about you? Do you know your “assignment”? Have you realized your purpose in your business? Do you “own” the privilege of being able to impact families and make a difference in their lives and in leaving a legacy?

What a grand opportunity you have as a woman leader to impact the families and the legacy they leave behind for generations to come!

The most powerful way to accomplish this is by creating a “Culture of Family” in your organization. This is accomplished by promoting events wildly and taking a stand for each one of your distributors to be a part of these events. Spending time together creates a “Family” and cultivating “Family” creates a legacy!

The stores in Florence close for 2 to 3 hours every day so the shop owners can have a meal with their family. Delicious pastas, meats, fish, and of course wine is revered communion to a Florentine. And the mealtime is sacred. Where are you creating rituals and special memories with your teammates and your employees?

Then, I flew to Paris. Remarkable, amazing, delicious Paris! I spent a day training one of my Ambassador Level Coaching clients who’s building a global Network Marketing business. I’ve been to Paris 11 times and even lived there for a summer (the first summer after getting divorced). So this city has incredible, healing memories for me.

The mindset of Paris is “larger than life!” When you stand before the Eiffel Tower and the thousands of lights begin to twinkle… you’re speechless. The breathtaking architecture, the Louvre Museum filled with art from the Master’s, the operas that are performed, the ancient bridges that cross the Seine River…

It’s larger than life!

I was in Paris this past Christmas and I actually saw Chandeliers hung in the open air over the famous street Rue de Rivoli! Chandeliers above the streets! Ha, only in Paris!

Where are you being “larger than life”? Do you believe in abundance and do your actions reflect that abundance mentality?

Think about nature. You cannot doubt the fact that nature, just like Paris, reflects the Law of Abundance. Everywhere you look Nature is lavishly, wastefully extravagant! Every seed that grows brings forth fifty, a hundred and even a thousand fold. There is abundance of health, happiness, ideas and prosperity for everyone and your supply is available for the asking ~ and the believing!

I brought my 3 children to Paris one summer and we lived in a flat on the Champs Elysees. After spending that time exploring Paris, my son Beau remarked, “Paris is the best of human potential!” When you gaze upon the art work, admire the architecture, view an opera, walk across an ancient bridge, you realize that Beau is right on… Paris is the best of human potential.

You know what? I bet Michelangelo had to remind himself from time to time that HE WAS A MASTER. I’m sure Leonardo da Vinci questioned his talent on occasion. It’s probable that Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and I.M. Pei (the architect who designed the Louvre pyramid) wondered if they were truly masters.

What about you? Have you given yourself permission to “BE GREAT”? Do you really get that you have been called to express your unique talent and greatness? And, have you decided to create the best of human potential in your career and life?

It reminds me of Esther in the Old Testament. She was “just a little Jewish girl” who became Queen of Persia and chose to believe that she was “created for just a time as this” and was THE ONE who saved her people from annihilation. What are you willing to do today to take a step into your destiny and realize that you have been called for “just a time as this?”

My hope is that this article helps you get present to:
1. Your commitment to personal and spiritual growth;
2. Your purpose, mission and the legacy (heritage) you are creating; and,
3. Your “birthright” to live large, be large and experience a bold and audacious life!

I’m heading out to Bali, Indonesia for my Mastermind Retreat! We have like-minded entrepreneurs coming from 4 different countries, all with ONE goal: “To Live Large and Make a Profound Contribution on the Planet!”

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Until then,

Live full out!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Philanthropy and Happiness!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

What is Philanthropy to you?

Most people would say Philanthropy is selecting your
favorite charity to fund with money and time.

All people agree that philanthropy and making a
difference for others is the most rewarding part of
their life!

My kidsd and I love sending and receiving letters
from the children we support through Compassion
International. We enjoy going to “Boca Helping Hands”
and serving lunch to the homeless.

And yet… there’s more!

My intention today is to help you expand your
view about Philanthropy.

While volunteering, financially supporting and giving to
your favorite charity is Philanthropy and a gift you
bring to the world.

The most rewarding gift you bring to the world is
“YOU, At Your Best!” “YOU, Happy and Fulfilled!”

My business Coach, Randy Gage says, “If you want to
help poor people, don’t be one of them!”

We can say the same thing about other areas.

“If you want to help depressed people, don’t be
one of them.” “If you want to help sick people,
don’t be one of them.”

That’s the context I’m encouraging you to come from in
the conversation of philanthropy. The best contribution
you can give to your family, community, country and the
world, is the BEST version of YOU showing up to Life
every day embodying gratidude, joy, love, abundance!

Every day you have the opportunity to shift the energies
on the planet by you being happy, choosing love, creating
success, communicating joy, generating possibility,
ushering in a ‘well being’ and BEING these ENERGIES.

The intention is to Allow happiness, love, success and joy
to actually embody YOU.

So, how ya doing with that?

And, a better question is: “How Good Will You Let Life Get?”

It’s usually our own limiting beliefs about SUCCESS and
BEING HAPPY that keep us from them. So, what do you
think now about philanthropy? And what are you willing
to do in YOUR life to embody joy, gratitude, prosperity
and share yourself with others… AND CELEBRATE THAT IT BRINGS YOU JOY!

Let this be your new mantra for this week:

“When I Am Wealthy, everyone wins!”
“When I Am Happy, I create happiness!”
When I Am Fulfilled, I Am Contribution!”

It’s about realizing YOU HAVE A CALLING
(an assignment) that’s been given to you…
and this assignment (calling) brings meaning
to your life as well as a lot of joy!

So, how happy will you allow yourself to be?

Fufilling your assignment brings meaning
to life… and that is PHILANTHROPY!

Philanthropy is volunteering, financially supporting
and giving to your favorite charity…

AND, it’s “YOU, Fulfilling your Assignment by
Sharing the Best Version of YOU with the World!”

So, how are you doing with this?

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Do You Hate Valentine’s Day? The Power of Perception!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Dear Friend;

“I hate Valentine’s Day,” I overheard a lady grumble this to some poor soul on the other end of the telephone. “It’s a 15 billion dollar a year holiday that people get sucked into and overspend on chocolates, flowers and expensive dinner.” She barked. “And I don’t like being reminded that I don’t have a Valentine this year.


Sitting at a table near this lady was another lady dressed in a red dress and matching red shoes. She had a plate of heart cookies on her table and several small boxes of chocolates. For the next hour I watched her give the small chocolate boxes away to anyone who commented on them. The plate of heart cookies were reserved for her sister who was meeting her that day for a coffee. She was obviously a Valentine’s Day fan and was genuinely happy to celebrate the LOVE she got to create in her day.


It got me thinking about the power of perception and how every experience we have is created good or bad by our perception of it! Every holiday, event, circumstance, relationship and even challenge is created good or bad by how you SEE it; your perception of it.

And, even more important, is the reality that your perception actually attracts MORE OF THE SAME. Cynicism breeds more cynicism. Insecurity creates more insecurity. And, doubt fosters more doubt.

While love generates more love. Laughter fosters more laughter. And, success activates more success.

So, how are you doing with this?

What are you willing to alter in your perception of your life? Love? Your Body? The level of your success?

Powerfully choose to shift your perception about the topics that mean the most to you and YOU WILL USHER IN a whole new realm of possibility, happiness and power!

To your success!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS ~ I want to hear what you think of this topic! Post your comments! What do you think about the power of perception?

How Long Does It Take?!!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Dear Friend,

Today is a special day… In the realm of human gestation,
whatever you create today will be “birthed” on 11.11.11!
Just 9 months from now!

I had a friend ask me, “Why wait so long?”

That’s a valid question. But the point this friend is missing
is that some things do take longer to create.
And, your dreams, ideas and intentions are on a “Divine” timetable. They are in God’s hands and His timing.
And when you rush these goals you create frustration;
which actually slows down the manifestation process!

Where are you rushing things? Where are you creating

It’s similar to pregnancy. We know it takes 9 months for a baby
to become healthy enough to be “birthed”. And we wouldn’t want that baby to come early! Some of you have experienced the challenges that come when a baby is birthded too soon.

There is a natural, Divine timing to birthing a baby.
We call it gestation.

Let’s apply that truth to our own goals, dreams and intentions
today. Let’s RELAX in the process of creating and ENJOY the
privilege of being a creator of our dreams, goals and intentions!

Are you rushing the process of your goals being “birthed”?
Do you create frustration because they aren’t happening “fast enough”?

Let go of the timing. Trust that your goals, dreams and intentions will be “birthed” in Divine timing… the perfect time!

Today, on February 11th, 2011 CREATE a goal. Plant that seed and speak it as an Intention. Nurture it every day. Act on the promptings you are given to “take care of it” and TRUST that your Goal will be manifested in PERFECT Timing.

The new Intention I am Creating Today is: “I Enjoy Living in Paris
for a year while empowering entrepreneurs who attend one of our four Paris Mastermind Retreats!”

I call in the people, ideas and opportunities that will “birth” this
goal by 11.11.11 and in Perfect Timing!

What’s yours?

Email me with the Intention you are creating for yourself.
And then rest in the privilege of being a creator of your life…
standing in TRUST that it will be “birthed” in perfect timing!

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To your RICH life,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
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Big News From 24 Experts to YOU!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Dear Friend,

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There are 24 experts in all. And we are all ready to share our secrets
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It’s part of a two and a half day tele-summit with a who’s who of people
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I’m excited to be a member of the faculty along with all the other
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Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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