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Are You Missing the Most Important Step in Setting Your Goals?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Are You Missing the Most Important Step in Setting Your Goals For 2011?

Can you guess who is the best person to consult when setting your 2011 goals?

It’s yourself!

Well, your best self that is. When Creating Your Goals for 2011,
take advice from the Greatest YOU that you can imagine!

What would the “Enlightened YOU” want for 2011?

Let that question just hang there for a few seconds…

Now, stay in that space and visualize as many Delightful,
Inspiring and Empowering visions possible!

Who was with you in those vision? What was the predominant
“theme”? What were you doing? And most importantly, who were
You Being?

For me, I’m Being Love, Laughter and Global Impact!

I see myself traveling the world with my amazing Man, sharing
my wisdom, expertise and love to entrepreneurs around the world.

What about you?

When you can ‘sum it up’ in one statement of being, you have
given yourself rocket fuel to set and achieve your 2011 goals.

Do you know why?

It’s because everything that gets created comes from a “way of being”.
All creation starts with a “way of being”. And out of a “way of being”
comes promptings for “doing”. But the “being” comes first!

If you’re like most people, you’ll set your goals and then move right
into “doing”. Do. Do. Do. And isn’t that what the so called experts
have been teaching? Massive Action!

While massive action is imperative, it’s not the next step.

Don’t be like most people and miss the most important step in goal setting. This crucial error is the reason why most don’t achieve their goals or their achievement takes a lot longer than need be.

The most important step is Creating Your Way of Being.

THEN, from that way of being your will be powerfully called into
Massive Action!

So, let’s create some “ways of being”…

When you create your “Ways of Being” you are setting powerful
Declarations. These declarations move the energy in the Universe!

I’m not talking about affirmations here. No, I’m talking about a
Declaration that you speak into existence and decide to BE right now.

Right NOW!

Decide RIGHT NOW to BE Wealthy. BE Loving. BE Contribution.
BE Powerful. BE Happy. BE Prosperous. BE Abundance. BE Health.

You don’t need any outside circumstance to take on these ways of BEING. You create them in your speaking. You DECLARE them into existence.

You DECLARE them in “I Am” statements.

I Am Wealthy.
I Am Loving.
I Am Loved.
I Am Contribution.
I Am Powerful.
I Am Happy.
I Am Prosperous.
I Am Abundance.
I Am Health.
I Am Fit.
I Am Generous.
I Am Love!

And it is so.

On this last day of 2010, I encourage you to put this most important Step in place in your Creation of 2011.

Take advice from the Greatest YOU that you can imagine! What would the “Enlightened YOU” want for 2011?

Picture it. Play in that space. Notice who is with you. Notice what you’re doing. And, most importantly, notice who you are BEING. And set your goals from that image.

Then write down the “Ways of Being” that you are committed to
taking on in 2011 that will manifest this vision with velocity!

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Together we make the planet even more Beautiful!

Happy New Year!


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The Most Powerful Formula for Creating Your 2011

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Creating New Beginnings Begins with the Power of Completion!

Don’t ya just love a new year? A new beginning? A new start?

I sure do. But I’ve realized there is an important element to a new beginning that most people completely miss.

That important element is completion.

Yes, completing the year before in your own heart and mind creates a clearing for creation.

Think of an artist who is about to paint a masterpiece. Before they begin, they prepare the canvas. The painter who is about to paint a wall, first applies a primer.

And so it is with you. Are you complete with 2010?

You know you’re complete when you can smile and feel grateful for all that last year was and for all that it wasn’t!

Hmmmm…. that one probably got you. Right?

There is a power in standing whole and complete with whatever occurred in 2010. When you get into that place of feeling appreciation and gratitude of where you are and of who you are, and you accept that you are continuously evolving in perfect timing, then you can create 2011 in a space of greater power.

When you stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come, without being unhappy about where you stand, you create a powerful clearing for creating!

Here are a few questions you can answer to get complete with the year and create a clearing for creating 2011 with wholeness, harmony and power.

Question #1: What are your accomplishments for the year 2010 in the following areas?

1. Spiritual
2. Personal
3. Financial
4. Family
5. Career
6. Love and Romance
7. Friendships

If you’re like me, you may start to think about how you ‘missed the mark’ in these areas. Don’t even go there! Stay disciplined to write down only your accomplishments in these areas. Notice. Reread what you wrote and notice. Let the accomplishment exist. Give them energy. Notice.

Question #2: What are the areas of your life where you fell short, didn’t accomplish what you set out to or missed the mark in terms of your goals in the following areas?

1. Spiritual
2. Personal
3. Financial
4. Family
5. Career
6. Love and Romance
7. Friendships

Question #3: What else do you need to say or do so that the year is complete for you?

BE complete with 2010!

Now that you have created a clearing and you are “whole and complete” with 2010, you are ready to create 2011.

Creating 2011

Your first step is to MAKE A DECISION. What do you want? Most people never achieve their goals because they never set them! When you decide what you want you open up portals of opportunity and release the energy that attracts ideas, people and opportunities that will achieve your desires. Writing down what you want is the most powerful step in making a decision. Put your goals to paper. Write with clarity and commitment.

Question #1: What are you committed to accomplishing this year in these areas.

1. Spiritual
2. Personal
3. Financial
4. Family
5. Career
6. Love and Romance
7. Friendships

Question #2: What is your “Belief Level” with these goals and what do you need to do to enhance your BELIEF in your accomplishing these goals? Maybe it’s to create a Vision Board, write out a movie of your success and read it daily. It may be to learn ~ even master the core skill you’ll need to accomplish these goals.

The formula to accomplish your goals in 2011 is: BELIEF plus superior knowledge and service = Success.

How are you doing with these areas and what will you DO to enhance them?

I once heard Brian Tracy ask this question: “What one skill will help you the most to double your income in 2011?” Decide on what this skill is and commit to mastering it.

Become a master at what you do and it will kick open doors of opportunity and cause your clients and customers to be loyal and recommend you to others.

Question #3: What are the mantras you’ll speak every day? Mantras literally retrain the brain and create rock-solid belief. Read these mantras out loud. The spoken word is powerful! The spoken word creates! You’ll increase the level you’re vibrating when you speak these mantras out loud. This creates a force field in the Universe that taps into the supernatural.

Here are some of my mantras:

“I am divinely guided.”
“I am always taken care of.”
“I am so happy and grateful for all that I have, all that I am and all that I am creating!”
“2011 is the year I make the most money I’ve ever made!”
“I have been called to serve!” I have been chosen to make a difference!”
“Anything, anything, anything is possible!”
“I am a miracle manifester!”

Add several of your own…

These mantras transform who you are. And we all know, your business grows as fast as you do.

You want to create your best year in 2011? First, create a clearing and be complete with 2010. When you are whole and complete with where you are then you are in the most powerful space to create 2011. And then…

When you know what you want, write it down on paper, speak it out loud and create mantras that enforce and enhance your belief in them and enhance your skill and way of being to the level of mastery, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for you in 2011. You will accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself and enjoy a whole new level of living in 2011.

Make it an epic year that ushers in decades of prosperity and abundance!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
Author of best-selling book, “Conquer Fear!” and International Business Coach