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Overcoming the Adversary

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Dear Friend;

One of the Universal Laws is the Law of Polarity.

Everything has an opposite. Good/Bad. Up/Down. Big/Little. Faith/Doubt.

And from the Law of Polarity we realize that even our Divine Nature has an opposite.

And that opposite is called, The Adversary!

Yep, that negative consciousness that keeps us from LIGHT and from creating our dreams.

The Adversary’s sole function is to battle you, to pull you away from the Light. It’s sole goal is to create distance between YOU and Light/God/Happiness.

It’s the voice that makes you wrong. Says you don’t make enough phone calls, do enough, or are smart enough. It’s the voice that says you don’t deserve.

Can you guess what the adversary’s greatest weapon is?…
It’s doubt!

The Adversary brings doubt into our minds and we choose to BELIEVE IT! It’s crazy!

We receive a vision and start out with a rock-solid conviction about it. And then, within weeks (sometimes days) we begin doubting ourselves.

This is a universal pattern of behavior! So, if you can relate,please realize, you are normal! Ha! And, my request of you today is to become abnormal!

One of the tools that will help you do this is this distinction:
Realize that doubt is OUTSIDE of you. Doubt comes from the adversary and that is separate from you.

YOU ARE NOT the Adversary. And YOU ARE NOT doubt. Doubt is nowhere in your DNA, your bones, your blood stream or your cells.

There is NO DOUBT to be found in you!

Just like anxiety, worry, fear and any other negativity the Adversary tries to persuade us with; these are OUTSIDE of you.
Let that bring you a power, a peace and an excitement about LIFE!

Since these ‘things’ are outside of you, you get to exercise your FREE WILL and CHOOSE to ignore or even destroy them!
You get to CHOOSE to be who you really are: Infinite Possibility, committed to your Word, Divine Creator and pure Love.

These feelings of doubt and anxiety ARE REAL! But, they are not you.

They are the Adversary. They are outside of you.

You can overcome the Adversary and its weapons of doubt, anxiety, fear and worry by seeing yourself SEPARATE of the Adversary.

When you see it outside of you, you empower your true Self (YOU, made in the image of God) to bask in Energy, Love, Power and Peace.

Just take on NOTICING the doubt, anxiety, fear and worry is OUTSIDE of you. This distinction opens up a new portal of possibility for you!

May you discover this truth today and ENJOY the richness it will bring you!

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To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.