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The Power of Patience!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The Power of Patience

Are you like me and you want your dream to be manifested NOW?

Do you find yourself creating drama, struggle and doubt when your goals aren’t realized fast enough?

The Universal Truth about achievement is “Success is a Process”.

Period. Get that in your thick scull and receive it in your heart. The sooner you accept this truth, the more powerful you will be in your service to others, the more fun you will have, and ironically, the ‘quicker’ you’ll attract results.

Several weeks ago I taught this principle to my Coaching Clients on a group call and the results have been extraordinary! When you can LET GO and surrender to the process; when you release your attachment to your goals, you create an ability to see things you would have missed.

Take this principle to heart today and you open a portal for the Supernatural to guide, direct and empower you and the REALITY of your dreams.

Creating Success is A Process.

The Law of Gestations says, “Ideas, Goals and Desires are spiritual seeds and they always move into form or a physical results.”

In other words, “Your goals WILL manifest. You dreams WILL happen.”

The problem with this Universal Truth is most of us plant seeds (ideas, goals and dreams) and, if we don’t see a plant within a short period of time, we dig up the seed to see what’s wrong! Or, we leave that seed and go plant another one!

But you never do that… right? :))

When you can accept that Success is A Process and your goals WILL manifest in due time, you will be able to stay focused, remain committed and continute to act in creating them.

Consider this:

A human baby takes about 42 weeks to grow full term.

A carrot seed takes about 72 days.

Chicken eggs take about 21 days to hatch.

A caterpillar takes 10 days to 3 weeks to turn into a butterfly.

Knowing that the PROCESS is happening, even if you can’t ‘see’ the result is an important aspect to Creating Success.

Success is a process.

CREATE a powerful STAND for the seeds you’ve planted and CHOOSE to “Fall in Love” with the PROCESS of Creation!

Here’s the Process I taught my Coaching Clients that gave them such great results:

4 Steps to Creating What you Desire:

Step #1: Decide what you want and Write it Down and Make a Vision Board. Decision means “to CUT OFF” Be bold. Be brave. Make a decision. FOCUS intention. Plant the seed you REALLY want and know with certainty that the seed WILL harvest when you cultivate it. It’s the Law!

Step #2: Feel the emotion. Act as if. Act as if you already possess the things pictured on your vision board—the house, the car, the dream partner, results in your business. Say, “this” is already mine. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them. “I am so happy and grateful for…” “I am the owner of an Ocean front Home!” “the Leader of a profitable Organization with 100,000 people or more!” “I am the #1 Salesman in my company.”

Step #3: Choose Your “Way of Being” Leadership! You are the Leader you’re waiting for! Look at your Vision Board and ask yourself, “Who does this person living this life need to be?” Ways Of Being: I Am grateful, leader, inspiration, joy, generous, focus, contribution, energy! Create your ‘way of being’ every day: Mine is, “I am Global Leadership and I make a difference!”

Step #4: Obey Inspired Action! You will receive a “call to action” this week. My coaching for you is to “obey it!” Take action. When you ‘obey’ the inspired action, the next step will be revealed to you.

“The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job. And that’s all you have to do.”
–Dr. Joe Vitale

CREATE a powerful STAND for the seeds you’ve planted and Choose to “Fall in Love” with the PROCESS of Creation!

Choose to release struggle, frustration and doubt and TAKE ON your new way of being… Faith! Power! Intention! …KNOWING that the seeds you have planted (your goals and desires) WILL come to fruition.

Make it a MIRACULOUS week!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Rx Success, Inc.

5 Steps to Break Through Resistance

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Dear Friend;

Where are you “making it hard” to create success? Can you identify the struggle? What are your beliefs about work?
We have sayings like, “She works like a dog.” “He’s a workhorse.” “They work like a machine”…

We watch someone rush into the coffee shop holding a briefcase, talking on their cell phone and barking their order to the Barista and we think that’s success.

Ha! We have it all wrong!

We have conversations about the joy of retirement and design our entire career around “the day I retire”. Hmmmmm….

What I notice is the most fulfilled, enlivened and interesting people are the very people who love to work, enjoy growing their business and love making a difference for others!

I just watched an interview with Clint Eastwood who is 80 years old and doing his 4th movie this year! Warren Buffet is nearing 80 and he goes to work every day!

Work is engaging, fulfilling and fun. Finding work that you love and you believe in is a GIFT!

Even in Genesis, we see God putting Adam to work when he tells him his first job is to name all the animals. God values work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about creating wealth and financial freedom so you can do what you want when you want to do it. But, what I know to be true is the most fulfilled people are the ones who enjoy meaningful WORK!

I’ve noticed with most of my client’s success, there are 5 core ingredients that make growing a successful business FUN, FULFILLING and relatively STRESS-FREE.

If you want to break through the connotations you have to growing your successful business, consider taking on this 5 Step Formula and give yourself permission to ENJOY building your business.

First, here are the most common reasons people create drama and struggle in building their business:

1. Lack of Direction
2. Lack of Belief
3. Lack of Commitment
4. Lack of a System (accountability)
5. Lack of ENERGY(Fuel)

Wow! That’s a lot of LACK! So, let’s take these 5 and reposition them to be “A Formula for Creating Success”:

Step 1. Know what you want. If you’ve been receiving my Ezines for a while, then you know that’s what I’ve been teaching the past 21 years of my Speaking Career! Do you have clarity around what you want? What are your money goals? Sales goals? What are your desires? Know what your “Ideal Life” looks like.

Step 2. Build Belief: This is a life-long habit. You need to really OWN your success. Believe that this is the time. You are the one. “You have been called for just a time as this.” And the Universe WANTS you to achieve your goals… even needs you to achieve your goals. Your success makes a profound difference on the planet.

Step 3. The BELIEF creates commitment. Your COMMITMENT creates Belief. Constantly “recommit” to your desires.

Step 4. Create your personal formula for success. One of my clients teaches her team, “Two a day, ten in play.” One of my formulas is to write a Success article every week and give them away for free. It always creates results. What is your formula that will always get you results? Create it and FOLLOW it.

Step 5. Energy. Create a short BURST of EFFORT right NOW! Move into a BURST of Action right now! It takes 80% of a rockets fuel to LAUNCH a spaceship and 20% of the rockets fuel to get to the moon and return!

This 5 Step Process will empower you to ENJOY working and giving your energy to meaningful work that makes a difference. And that is what building a successful business is all about!

I have over 10,000 people who receive this Ezine. And you are amazing to me. I get inspired when I read your emails sharing with me how you’re applying my messages.

Thank you for that. Thank you for playing FULL OUT in creating your Ideal Life! It makes a difference for everyone on the planet.

Please pass this Rx Success Report on to your list and invite them to sign up to receive my free teachings.

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

What Is Your Money Blueprint? Take the Quiz!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Dear Friend;

Most people, when they want to increase their wealth, will look only at strategy, opportunity, improve their skills…

While this is important, it is only 20% of what it takes to grow your wealth. The other 80% is improving your Money Blueprint!

My mentor T. Harv Eker says, “The ROOTS Create your FRUITS!”

I teach my clients about the Law of Nature: “What is under the ground creates what is above the ground.”

So, let’s talk about your BLUEPRINT…

How would you describe your Money Blueprint?

Whatever your Money Blueprint is, I want you to realize it was TAUGHT to you! You learned it. The good news is anything that is learned can be UNLEARNED!

Your Money Blueprint was created through REPEATED thoughts + feelings + actions around money.

That formula creates your RELATIONSHIP with money. Most people have a limiting or even negative Money Blueprint. That’s just what’s so. But again, the good news is YOU GET TO RECREATE your Money Blueprint!

I’ve seen incredible transformations with my Coaching Clients and their relationship with money. You can create the same success…

The first step to your transformation is: AWARENESS

Exercise #1: What is your money blueprint today? And, What would you say your ‘thermostat’ is “set” at? Poverty? Struggle? Making It? Little more than I need? More than enough?

Get present to your Money Blueprint.

The next step is: UNDERSTANDING

Do you have systems in place that have your money make you money? People make you money? Systems make you money? And, most importantly, Do you believe money comes relatively easy or do you believe you have to work hard for it?

Exercise #2: Identify your most toxic weeds! There’s usually only 2 or 3! Identify them and pull them out! Smooth out the rich soil where the toxic weed was and plant a new seed. Name that seed. Water it every day. Give it light. Believe it is growing. Within seconds of uprooting that toxic weed and planting the new seed, you will see a result! Within weeks/months you will see a whole new plant!

“Your income can grow only to the extent that you do!”

Take time today to bring AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING to the game of Money. Get comfortable with playing this game and PLAY TO WIN!

Recreate Your Money Blueprint. Plant seeds of Truth in your mind. Cultivate these seeds and watch them grow ROOTS that harvest Healthy Beliefs, Feelings, Thoughts and ACTIONS about Money.

No matter what mistakes you’ve made with money, you can clean it up, pull out the weeds, plant new seeds, cultivate and give energy to these new healthy roots and ENJOY a Wealthy Harvest. YOU can.

Wealth is a result.

What will you do TODAY to begin this process?

If you’d like my Free Special Report on the 12 Seeds to Harvest Wealthy Fruits, email “SEND ME THE 12 SEEDS” to: and we’ll send it to you.

My desire is for you to create a HEALTHY relationship with money. I want you to become a Master over your money (not the other way around)!

To you Success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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