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Manifest Your Dreams in Bali, Indonesia!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Dear Friend,

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to avoid it, deny it, or sabotage it,you just can’t escape your big dream—

that one thing you really want to be, do and have.

You’ve been given a Big Dream…

And just like the unique, genetic code that determines your eye color or unique personality type,

your Big Dream has been woven into you at birth. It describes your unique passions, abilities and purpose.

And when you follow it, it will draw you toward the most fulfilling and fun life possible!

What is your Big Dream? What is that one thing you really want?

Most people put their dreams on a shelf and never realize them. They live a life that someone else designed for them!

Does that describe you? Do you work at a job that “makes sense” but doesn’t light you up?

Are you successful, but don’t feel fulfilled? Have you lost touch with that purpose you were born with?

What will it take for you to breakthrough this habit and begin pursuing your dreams?

When will you finally give yourself permission to fulfill it and BE Happy?

Maybe the first question I should be asking you is…

What makes you happy?

Can you describe your Ideal Life? Do you know what you want? Do you know what lights you up?

Maybe it’s to have more free time. Make more money. Make a difference!

Maybe your dream is to take your entire family on an exciting vacation! Maybe it’s to enjoy a bigger home ~ or several homes!

Maybe you’re like most of my clients… and you just want freedom! You want to be able to do what you want when you want to do it!

Most people don’t give themselves the time to THINK about what they really want. They just keep doing what they’ve always done without even THINKING or REALIZING that they have a choice!

So, what about you?…

When was the last time you spent a day, a weekend—or a whole week thinking about your passion in life?

And, when was the last time you gave yourself permission to visualize your ideal life and strategize a plan to achieve it?

That’s exactly what The Rich Life Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program is designed to do.

And our next Mastermind Retreat is in Bali, Indonesia!

The minute you arrive in Bali, you’ll feel the Spiritual essence of this magical island.

You’ll reconnect with Spirit and tap into the power of ‘total immersion’ and the ‘synergy’ of your fellow Mastermind entrepreneurs.

You’ll network, think, laugh, grow, create, and reconnect with what really matters to you in your life!

You’ll be immersed in ancient culture and unlock possibilities and ideas you weren’t even present to before the Retreat!

You’ll get inspired for our Mastermind Sessions and write, relax and dream in your First Class Bungalow at the exquisite Four Season’s Hotel in Bali!

You’ll enjoy the lush landscapes of Ubud and Tabanan and Uluwatu… Tour the Goa Gajah temple, Tanah Lot temple and the Puseh Temple that dates back to the 11th century!

You’ll enjoy private and group mediations, energy work and releasing activities that will free you of limitations, negativity and stuck energies.

You’ll shop in the villages of Tohpati and watch the craftsmanship of the jewelry designers and artists in the Celuk Village and Batuan Village.

You’ll go on an Elephant ride and experience these amazing creatures at the National Balinese Elephant Park!

You’ll experience a Balinese Cooking School and get to plan, prepare and eat a delicious Balinese meal with an expert Chef guiding you through the entire experience.

And most importantly, you’ll reconnect with YOURSELF!

For 6 days you’ll be in a conversation of, “Anything is Possible!”

Through the power of like-minded people, you’ll tap into your true essence and feel rejuvenated, refreshed and recommitted to follow your passion and manifest your Ideal Life!

And that’s just the 6 days in Bali…

And then after the Retreat, we’ll continue working together to ensure you are following through on all we created for you in Bali.

For 3 months you’ll be on weekly Coaching calls to keep you focused and inspired to manifest your Dream Life!

I’m so excited about sharing all the amazing excursions and events in Bali, I don’t want you to miss the most important aspect…

and that is the Power of the Mastermind!

The best decision I ever made to create my ideal life was participating in a Mastermind and hire a coach. Period.

The power of that Mastermind was the single reason I raised my prosperity level and stepped out in faith to create what I really wanted in life.

It gave me the BELIEF and the confidence to grow my business, make more money, and live a life I love.

That was 17 years ago. I was so thrilled with the results I received from that experience, I chose to create my own Mastermind and help others get the same results.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been taking entrepreneurs to exotic cities around the globe for my Rich Life Mastermind Retreats. We’ve been to Paris, Maui, Prague, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Florence and several other exotic destinations. And this year, the Mastermind Retreat is in beautiful Bali!

Here’s what people are saying about The Mastermind Retreats:

“The Mastermind Retreat was the most lucrative business decision of our career. We’ve already made 3 times our investment.”

Mark and Tammy Smith
Millionaire Club Members
Prepaid Legal

Prosperity is about expanding your consciousness… Lisa’s Retreats expand your vision and help you breakthrough to the abundance you are seeking.” Randy Gage
Author “Prosperity Mind

“Nothing has ever lit a fire inside me like this retreat. I feel like I’ve been blind my whole life and just got my sight.

Thank you Lisa for the most incredible experience of my life!” Danny Gasemy
Prepaid Legal

So, what about you? Are you ready to take action and create your ideal life at the Bali Mastermind Retreat?

If this type of experience and coaching program is what you’re looking for, I strongly suggest you reserve your space today. These Retreats are quite intimate. I limit the attendees to ensure that everyone gets the customized and personal attention they need.

The dates for the Bali Mastermind Retreat is March 10th – 16th, 2011:


I am committed to your success. And I know I can produce for you. I’ve watched my clients grow their monthly checks.

I’ve been a part of bringing an idea on paper to a lucrative and profitable business. And let me tell you, it’s exciting!

I am thrilled to be a coach and help people make more money, grow their business and be great contributors to the planet.

Again, I am committed.

Now, the question is are you?

The investment for you to participate in the Bali Retreat and Coaching Program is $11,982.

You need to invest $1,997 today for your down payment.

You will immediately receive your questionnaire and Needs Analysis and a phone call from me to set up your private Coaching Call with me.

Then, you will begin coaching on a weekly basis with the Mastermind and with me.

Your credit card will automatically be charged $1,997 a month for the next five months.

The return on your investment will be incredible! Jump up several pin levels, publish that book and make money while you sleep, bring your idea to a full-fledged, profitable business, make more money in your existing business…

If the Bali Mastermind Retreat is the type of experience you’ve been looking for, get registered today at:

I’m excited to be your Coach and help you Design and Manifest your Ideal Life!

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

P.S. Join the most powerful Coaching Program and Mastermind Retreat ever! Reconnect. Rejuvenate and Relax into your ideal life!

Register for the Bali Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program today at: or call (954) 755-3670.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Dear Friend;

Most of you know I have been a coach and speaker to the Network Marketing industry for the past 18 years. In fact, right now I am coaching leaders from 7 different MLM companies from around the world.

So I’ve been given a unique opportunity to notice what really works and what doesn’t. They say “success leaves clues.” And boy is that true! The major difference between successful network marketers and the struggling is found in 3 specific areas.

1.) Mind-set and Belief: The most powerful part of your recruiting success is YOU! Your mind-set and belief level will actually attract or repel people! So, I’ve got a few questions for you…

Do you REALLY believe in the industry, your company and your product? If not, go find people who have made a success in this industry and listen to their story. There are so many of them! Your job is to listen and let their story transform your belief! There’s money to be made… a lot of it! There are so many people who are experiencing success in our industry and building a solid residual income. And guess what? They are just like you! The only difference is they have chosen to build their belief and stay committed to focusing on that belief. Belief leads to commitment. Commitment leads to success. Begin today to BUILD your BELIEF!

2.) Perspective: The second powerful piece of successful recruiting is your perspective…

How you choose to see things? Do you keep saying it’s taking too long? Let go of your expectation of time. Set your goals and intentions and then let Divine Timing have its way. Maintain the perspective that it’s all happening in perfect timing. You are right on time! You just keep sharing in a consistent manner and all your efforts will create your dreams in perfect timing. Adopting that perspective will create a powerful state for you and your sharing. Timing is all a perspective. Choose an empowering one.

When a prospect says no, is your perspective that they are stupid or worse, that you aren’t good at this! Your perspective needs to be, “That’s the best answer for both of us!” A lot about recruiting is timing. You only want to sponsor people who are ready and willing to learn the system and build! When you give your prospect enough information to make a choice, whatever they decide is good. Give them the space to use their free will and decide without leaving them (or yourself) disempowered. When you do this, many times they get into the business at a later date.

3.) Systems: All successful Networkers follow a system for sponsoring. I call it a Recruiting Pipeline.

Sponsoring someone into the business is a lot like dating… You never want to give it all away on the first date! Make sure your Recruiting Pipeline has multiple exposures to the business over a reasonable amount of time. And before you begin the process of these exposures, get to know a little bit about them. When I first meet someone I ask them about their family, hobbies, passions and occupation. Michael Clouse taught me to say, “So what do you do for a living that you get to be at the book store on a Tuesday morning?” This is a great conversation starter. Let them share. Don’t offer your opportunity until they ask you what you do. Then, when they do ask, share your passion in one sentence. If they are ready to hear more they will ask you questions. Learn to say little. Master the art of intrigue. Then, return to asking them questions… You’ll create so much intrigue they may even ask you about your fun opportunity!

Three things are happening with this approach… First, you’re talking more about them and their life. We all know how much people love and need that. Second, you’re finding clues to what motivates them. They are giving you the answer to their ‘why’ and the reason they’ll say yes to your opportunity. And finally, you are creating a take-away mentality. People want what they can’t have. Stop offering your opportunity so quickly and people will want to hear about it even more. When you’ve established a connection and intrigue, you can say, “I don’t know if this is for you, but are you open to hearing a little bit about it?” If they say yes, offer a product sample, a website preview or a number to recorded call. Get their phone number and set up a time to call them back to see what they thought.

When you call them to follow up, if the interest is there, ask them if they’re open to hear more. Remember, just like dating, you are building something powerful and you do not give it away too soon (offer the opportunity too soon). The second exposure can be a 3-way call with your upline. Those 3-way calls are powerful. They offer another level of connection and intrigue. You may want to schedule a one-on-one and set up a 30 minute meeting. (Follow your company’s training for a one-on-one) Either of these is great for a second exposure. Just keep the intention of building intrigue and connection.

Most of the time, the prospect now has enough connection, intrigue and information to make a decision. If they still need more information, create a third exposure and bring them to a meeting or an event your team is hosting.

The intention is to give your prospect the space to create connection and intrigue over a reasonable amount of time (just like dating). And remember, whether that decision is yes or no, it is perfect and exactly what needed to happen. If the prospect says yes, schedule a training call on how to get set up in the business. If they say no, thank them and let them know you really appreciate them taking a serious look at the business. Then say, by the way, do you want me to keep your number and contact you in the future to see if anything has changed?

And, in all this, remember to have FUN while you’re building! All the crazy stories, funny experiences dramatic events and set-backs are what you’ll share and laugh at when you achieve your goals! So make it a juicy, delicious journey…

If you have some comments, ideas or questions, contact me! I’d love to hear from you at:

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Rx Success, Inc.

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