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Giving Yourself Permission to Experience and Enjoy Your Life!

Monday, July 26th, 2010

My last night it Italy…

As I watched the sun set over the Tuscan vineyard that the castle was on I said a prayer of gratitude for this unforgettable experience.

And as I meditated and thought about the past 6 weeks in Italy, I realized the best part of the trip was THE ENTIRE experience!  What I mean by that is the sense of gratitude I feel for all of it; the good, the bad, the difficulty, the tenacity to overcome…

I went from the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence with 10 of my amazing clients to being completely alone in a small apartment in Rome with no concierge, no guidance and no one spoke English!  BOTH experiences were rich and wonderful (looking back).

What I want you to get from this conversation is for YOU TO GIVE yourself permission to ENJOY it all!

Creating an Extraordinary life means you embrace BOTH the “good” and the “bad”.  You live and experience IT ALL full out!

You learn from both.  You grow from both.  And you can even learn to love both.

Notice what you’re dealing with right now that you label “bad”.  (I definitely labeled “being alone in Rome” bad ~ and even cried that first day!)  But then I “found my groove” and discovered my way around.  I adapted to the hot days by getting up early for my sight seeing and then spending afternoons writing in side walk cafes (with a fan or air conditioning!)

What are you dealing with that you label “bad” that you can embrace? Accept? and even transform to actually enjoy it!

While this may be counter to the beliefs of society and our entitlement culture, this perspective is a powerful part of creating a wonderful life.  Change your beliefs about what is “bad”.  Choose to alter your description of “bad” and find the beauty in the circumstance.  Then, give yourself PERMISSION to accept it, embrace it… and even enjoy it!

When you do this, I promise you you will have a very different experience in life…

Remember, God is desperately IN LOVE with you.  Never gives you anything you truly can’t handle and has an ETERNAL view of what’s best for you.  So, please give yourself permission to alter your beliefs about your circumstance and discover the greatness in it!

This way of living made such an impression upon me, I’ve decided to create “Rejuvenation and Meditation Retreats” in Tuscany next summer!  In these Retreats you will enjoy 6 days of being pampered in Tuscany while reconnecting to Spirit!  You’ll experience meditation, techniques to relax the mind to recreate your beliefs AND YOURSELF!  All this in a fun, beautiful and inspiring atmosphere in Tuscany!  If you love experiencing culture, history, beauty, food, fun and love… The Rejuvenation Retreat is for you!  The dates are June 17th – 24th, 2011.  For more information, request a brochure at

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez

The Power of Surrender!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Surrendering… something I wasn’t good at. Most type A people aren’t. We want to take charge; get it done; make it happen!

But what I’ve noticed during this 6 week excursion in Italy is the most special memories were made when I surrendered. The most spectacular experiences occurred when I RELAXED my mind, got quiet and just released control.

These entire 6 weeks have been about “letting go” and “allowing”. When I did that, I met amazing people who befriended me in Malta and Rome. I walked into a building asking for directions to the Museum I was looking for only to find I was standing in that very museum! I ate the most delicious Italian dish after ordering the wrong item on the menu! Getting lost dozens of times, which caused me to discover an incredibly unique “Cat Shelter” with hundreds of cats you could pick up and play with!

All the things that seemed to “go wrong” were really the most special experiences… WHEN I CHOSE TO SURRENDER and just RELAX INTO THE SITUATION.

In fact, this reoccurring theme has the most profound creation! I have decided to expand my business and offer 6 Day Meditation and Manifestation Retreats here in Tuscany!

I’m heading over to the Villa Lucia, a Yoga Retreat Center here in Tuscany to meet with Lucy, the owner of this magnificent place! She will help me create the entire Retreat.

I’ll still have my Mastermind Retreats (in fact, the next one is in Bali in October!) But I realize it’s now time to also offer Meditation and Manifestation Retreats to help people TAP INTO THE SPIRITUAL part of themselves and create even more meaning, joy and purpose in their lives!

And what a perfect place to plan these Retreats! I’m staying in a castle overlooking the Tuscan Wine Country! I’ve posted pictures on my Facebook page. You can check them out by visiting my website and then clicking on the FB icon. Go to:

If you’d like more information about the Tuscany Meditation Retreats, send me an email and request a brochure at:

Bona Fortuna!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Mastering Your Craft

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Today, I toured the Vatican. I saw the most incredible beauty and design. Saint Peter’s Basilica is breathtaking! You walk in and see a HUGE cathedral filled with statues, art work, marble columns, painted ceilings, tapestries, and, of course, Bernini’s Cupola.

This famous Baldacchino with its huge arches made of bronze and gold has four spiral columns that nearly reach the ceiling! Created around 1633, it rises above the Tomb of Saint Peter.

Bernini’s Mastery…

Then, I toured the Sistine Chapel. Before I saw Michelangelo’s famous ceiling, I listened to the history of his journey from my tour guide.

Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the 12 Apostles, but the artist wanted to do his own creation (invention) and so refused the assignment ~ several times. When Pope Julius II finally gave Michelangelo the ‘ok’ and full Creative right on May 10,1508 (the date on the contract) Michelangelo went to his teacher and mentor to help him master both a design and his craft. (Remember, Michelangelo’s expertise was sculpting, not painting.) He chose to MASTER his craft and spent the next 4 years painting his Masterpiece.

The ceiling is curved (not flat), so Michelangelo had to arch his back and paint upside down and bent back. It is said that after the 4 years his body was in so much pain that he thought he was going mad.

But, the level of Mastery that he brought to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling is beyond impressive. And because of that, 30,000 people go to see it a day!

When I walked into the Sistine Chapel and saw Michelangelo’s ceiling for the first time, I was moved to tears.


It made me think about my own calling I have been given; and evaluate my commitment to Mastery…

What about you?

No matter what you are called to do in this part of your life, do it FULL OUT! Whatever your purpose is, choose today to Master it. Hire a coach. Take a class. Get mentored. Read even more. Study your craft. Practice and CHOOSE to be a Master at what you do.

You will leave a remarkable legacy!

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Traveling on your own is such a great experience…

I people watch all day long. I even have these ‘silent conversations’ with total strangers! What I notice is how similar we all are…

It doesn’t matter if I am in Bangkok, Stockholm, Malta, Paris, Rome or my own home town of Ft. Lauderdale, I see some couples hug and some fight… Some kids are laughing and some are in a tantrum… Some people are nice and others are mean… Some people are clothed well and others wear torn garments.

It’s called, “Being Human.”

I can’t help but wonder, why some people have a life of love, laughter and prosperity, while other people have a life of hate, tears and poverty.

My belief is this: IT IS A CHOICE.

Many of you may not believe that, but the older I get and the more traveled and well-read I am, the more I realize the POWER in CHOICE. What do you choose today?

No matter what circumstance you are experiencing, you have a choice. You get to choose how you respond, how you think, if you’ll smile, if you choose to be generous, if you choose to pray… EVERYTHING in your life is given to you because and through A CHOICE you made somewhere along the way…

What do you CHOOSE today? If you want to experience a life that is far better than your wildest dreams, answer these questions:

Today, where do you choose… To let something go? To accept? To surrender?…

Today, Where do you choose to smile? And where do you choose to be bold? Adventurous? In what situation do you choose to make it easy? Have fun?

Today, when do you choose to pray, meditate, visualize your dream?

I went grocery shopping for the second time since being in Rome. The first time, I had to CHOOSE to like it and choose to let go of feeling incompetent. That was a conscious CHOICE in my attitude…

Guess what? Today, I was so good at it! I knew that I had to weigh all my own fruits and vegetables. I knew how to manage the carts, the lines and other shoppers. And I knew that you bag your own groceries and do it quickly before those Italians get impatient with ya!!

The point is, now I know how to do it and it’s fun. Before, I had to CHOOSE for it to be fun. Make sense?

My intention is that you really get the power of CHOICE! Choice and Free Will are the gifts God gave us when He created us. What a privilege… WE GET TO CHOOSE!

And your choices Create Your Life.

I’m off to Lisette’s cute boutique here in Roma where I am helping her get a Fan Page on Facebook and then she’s taking me out for a drink and some delicious conversation!


Lisa Jimenez

Value for Value

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We live in a value for value world…

That means you will get paid what you are worth; if you allow it!
Too many people are afraid to charge for their talent, expertise and gifts. Don’t let that be you.

Charge a fair price… but charge! We live in a value for value world. It does not benefit anyone to give your expertise away for free.

Today, I spent the day in Piazza Spagna. It is a beautiful area with the most amazing hotel called the Hassler Roma. Just down the street from this hotel is an adorable boutique and spa called Femme Sistina. The owner, Lisette Lenzi is an amazing entrepreneur who opened this shop in 1959! That’s older than me!

Lisette comes into work every day and enjoys meeting all the people (even several celebrities like Jane Fonda and political figures worldwide.)

Today, we met…

Now, you may be wondering what does this story have to do with value for value… Well, Lisette needs a Facebook Fan page. And since we enjoyed each other so much, she invited me to have a drink with her tomorrow night here in Rome… and I offered to set up her Facebook fan page.

It’s always value for value.

Please consider the value you bring into other people’s lives. Value with your smile, your intriguing conversation, your talent, your expertise… all of these things are gifts only YOU can bring to others.

Honor these gifts and share them wildly this week! And just watch how the energies in the Universe (and especially the Law of Value for Value) take care of you!

Have a wonderful day sharing YOURSELF!

I’ll check in tomorrow with another exciting story from Roma. (I know it will be exciting because after I spend a few hours writing, I will be racing around Roma on a motorcycle!)