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Be A Part Of My Italian Adventure This Summer!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Bona Fortuna!

That’s Italian for “Good Fortune and Wealth to YOU!

Dear Friends;

I invite you to follow me to Italy this summer! I’ll be writing nearly everyday and posting video of my Italian Adventure! Please follow me on Facebook and this Rx Success Blog… and make comments, write posts and be a part of my Italian Adventure! It will be so much fun to have you “come with me to Italy!”

I depart tomorrow (Friday) for Florence for my Mastermind Retreat where we have entrepreneurs flying in from all over the world! ~ 5 countries represented!

Then, I’ve rented a villa right on the ocean in Malta where I will begin the writing of my 4th book.

I have no idea what the topic is, but trust that I Am Divinely Guided… and I will be inspired with the perfect topic! Have any ideas? Post them!

Then, it’s on to Rome where my friends and I have rented a home for 2 weeks! We’ll use this home in Rome for our “home base” as we travel all over Italy to experience culture, food, people and God’s BEST!

I’ll conclude my Italian adventure back in Florence where we’ve rented a villa in Tuscany and my children are flying out for a week of Florence FUN and family LOVE!

So, as I jump on a plane to begin my Italian Adventure, I invite you to come along!

I’ll check in with you from Florence!

Thank you!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.


6916 NW 113th Ave.
Parkland, FL