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Be A Part of My Italian Adventure of Acts of Kindness!

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have decided to write DAILY while I’m in Italy this summer!
So, beginning on June 17th, 2010 check in everyday for my reports of Italian kindness, fun and love that I give and receive every day! From Florence, Malta, Venice, Rome and many other cities, I will report on the BEST of human behavior and potential.

Come with me!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Use “The Combination” for Massive and Fun Results!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Are You Utilizing “The Combination” to Achieve Your Dreams?

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur;

Within YOU is the most potent combination on the planet! This combination is the FORCE that CREATES all your dreams and even all your worst nightmares! Have you guessed what “The Combination” is?

The Combination is the unity of your HEAD and your HEART… It’s your MIND and your IMAGINATION…

Those of you, who have watched the movie, “The Secret” or read the book and are frustrated because you have yet to achieve your goals, are missing this combination. You lack the balance ~ the harmony ~ of utilizing BOTH the MIND and the IMAGINATION, which I call “The Combination.”

Before we talk about each of these two powerful forces in you, I want you to consider where they already exist for you in your life. If you are off centered in your IMAGINATION, you’ll manifest a spouse or a partner who is in their MIND to help you balance. (And vice versa) The crazy thing is you don’t realize this! You are too busy complaining about them, judging them and wondering why they just can’t “support” you! Ha! It’s craziness.

When you relax in the TRUTH that you are Divinely guided and there is perfection in our world, you’ll RELEASE the control you feel to “fix” that person and you’ll begin appreciating the gift they offer you. (Yes, even that annoying thing they do.)

Bottom line here is, when you’re in harmony with your MIND and your IMAGINATION (Your HEAD and your HEART) you FEEL good. And when you FEEL good, you can manifest with velocity! People, ideas and opportunities are attracted to you like a magnet.

I’ll give you an example of this in my own life later in this article…
But first, let’s talk about the MIND. The wonderful, powerful MIND…

Consider a GPS navigation system. Most of you reading this have one in your car or you’ve used one before. You punch in an address and it calculates the route you need to take to get you there. You don’t have to do anything else but know where you are and know where you want to go. The GPS continues to tell you where and when to turn until… you make a wrong turn!
And then what does it do? Does it tell you to quit? Does it call you an idiot and yell at you that you messed up again? Ha! Of course not! What does it say? It says, “Recalculating.”

It’s the same with your mind. You tell your mind where you want to go (picture your desire in your mind) and your MIND calculates the route and inspires you to take the first action step. And when you make a wrong turn your MIND simply recalculates and gives you another inspired action step. The ONLY reason you don’t get to your desired destination is because you QUIT moving. You stopped acting on the inspired action steps the MIND is giving you. YOU STOPPED LISTENING! So, Rule #1 is: Stay on the ride. Stay in the journey and LISTEN to your MIND give you inspired action steps to take. TRUST!

This is the wonder of the MIND (the GPS Navigation System).
Now, you wanna speed up the ride? Wanna make it tons more FUN?…

You can with your FEELINGS! This is where “The Combination” comes in. When you combine your MIND with your IMAGINATION (Your HEAD and Your HEART) you are being the MIRACULOUS Force God intended you to BE.

Why do you think imagination is so powerful?…
Or a better question is, do you realize how powerful your imagination is in achieving your dreams? Imagination is synergy. It duplicates your thoughts into ENERGY. And that’s powerful! Imagination takes a one dimensional thought (like a system or words in a book) and makes them jump off the page, mulit-colored, 3-D, radical duplicating ENERGY!

Is that cool or what? And if that isn’t cool enough, consider that IMAGINATION is free! It doesn’t cost you anything to utilize this power. You just have to give yourself permission to daydream, fantasize, play in the realm of your IMAGINATION!
Are you getting this? Do you realize how powerful you are when you tap into “The Combination” and join BOTH the MIND and the IMAGINATION. You need both. You need a system and a vision. You need logic and spirituality. You need the HEAD and the HEART to CREATE your DREAM LIFE.

So here’s one of my stories on how I tapped into “The Combination”

Nearly 7 years ago I made a decision to begin hosting “Mastermind Retreats”. In my IMAGINATION I saw Fun, week-long events where amazing entrepreneurs came with me to exotic cities around the world Masterminding and Creating their Dream Businesses. I put that idea into my MIND (the GPS) and was inspired to have the first one in Paris, France 9 months from that day.

Instantly I was inspired to go to Paris for the weekend. I bought a ticket and went. Within those 3 days I met wonderful people who helped me CREATE the entire 6 day Mastermind Retreat. I flew home from that weekend with hotel and meeting rooms booked, excursions and restaurants reserved. And I didn’t have anyone signed up yet! I didn’t even have a website or business cards or anything tangible to market the Mastermind Retreat. What I did have was DESIRE and full-out TRUST that my MIND and my IMAGINATION would lead me to correct ACTION. And it did!

Within days I had the marketing letter written and sent to my webmaster who had the website designed and launched later that month. I had business cards and brochures made and I shared with EVERYONE my VISION of this wonderful Mastermind Retreat in Paris.

Then, 7 weeks later the phone rang. There was a voice on the other end that said, “I read your book, “Conquer Fear!” and I want to know if you take on International Coaching Clients.” I replied, “Yes, and where do you live?” And 5 amazing words came over the phone… “I live in Paris, France.”

Lilja Prieur was my very first client who registered for the Paris Mastermind Retreat and within 3 more months I have a SOLD OUT Mastermind Retreat in Paris, France! And since then, I’ve had 10 more Mastermind Retreats all over the world… Bangkok, Sydney, Maui, Fiji, Kauai, Budapest, Prague and this summer in Florence, Italy!

I am grateful for the MIND and the IMAGINATION and am AWARE of that powerful Combination!

What about you?

How will you utilize “The Combination”? What do you really want that you declare, place in your MIND, combine with IMAGINING it already existing AND then TRUSTING and ACTING on the Inspired Actions that will come… God LOVES Speed! Notice the Inspired Action and take Immediate Action! And you will have SO MUCH FUN Creating your Dreams with all the wonderful people, ideas and opportunities that come to you TODAY!

If you want more information on attending one of my Mastermind Retreats, go to (The Florence Mastermind for this summer is SOLD OUT. But we still have a few seats left for Bali, Indonesia in October!) Act Fast! Act Today! Go to:

To your Success,

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
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