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Your Childhood Nickname and Success!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Yesterday we talked about why most people never become millionaires.  Isn’t it fascinating how most people (including me sometimes) say “them” when referring to millionaires.

Until you can SEE yourself as a Millionaire, refer to yourself as a Millionaire and say “US” when you talk about Millionaires, you keep your subconscious blocked from creating it.

This topic got me thinking about childhood nicknames…

My childhood nickname was “Duchess”.  Now I know Duchess is royalty.  But to a little 5 year old (who wanted to be called, “Princess”) it didn’t feel like royalty.  In fact, it felt like “Second Place”.

Is it any wonder that every competition I entered as a child, I got… you guessed it…  2nd Place!

The 4H sewing contest:  Lisa Kelly (that was my maiden name) 2nd place.

The Girl Scout Cookie Seller:  Lisa Kelly… 2nd Place.

The Gymnastic State Title:  Lisa Kelly… 2nd Place.

Miss Teen USA:  Lisa Kelly… 2nd Place.

It was SO predictable.  And let me tell you, in some of those competions I was favored to win!  But something would happen to cause me to get 2nd place.

Then, one day as an adult, I received a little Golden Charriott  in the mail from my Aunt with a card that read, “To Lisa, you were always a Princess to me!”

That day I deemed myself, “Princess”!  First Place!

As funny as it seems, that new nickname has created extraordinary results.  I even wrote a book about it called, “Don’t Mess With the Princess!”   (I have a producer looking at it for a movie deal!)

What about you?…

What was your childhood nickname?  What is your nickname today?  Are your nicknames holding you back?

Give yourself the liberty to create yourself and who you want to be in an empowering and inspiring nickname you give yourself.  Deem it to be true and watch what happens.

Share it with me!

I’m jumping on a plane very early in the morning heading out to LA for the Gammy’s!  I’ll be the one in the purple gown walking the Red Carpet looking like a PRINCESS!  : ))

Forever Creating,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Why More People Aren’t Wealthy

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Why More People Aren’t Wealthy

In yesterday’s post I talked about the power of self-view…
The reason more people aren’t wealthy is because their self-view doesn’t equal wealth. They think wealth is created by “them”, “her” or “him”. They believe wealth is for “other people”.

Don’t believe it!

YOU are created for wealth. You have wealth designed in your very DNA, your very soul, your personality, your talent… they are are designed for wealth!

The bummer is YOU DON’T OWN that truth! And that sucks…

What are you missing out on because of your limiting Self-View?

Yesterday, I was working with an amazing coaching client of mine from Canada. She was telling me that she has to pay for and create everything she wants.

Hmmmm…. so, I challenged her to be open for a SURPRISE! Let God bless her with an unexpected GIFT!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened….

In the interim, PLEASE evaluate your self-view and ask yourself if you SEE yourself as one who WILL create wealth because that is how you are DESIGNED! And I suggest you, too, create the space of “expecting a surprise!”

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

Forever Creating;


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

The Power Of Your Self-View

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Dear Friend;

Today I launch my content-rich blog and daily posts!

I’m most excited about this because it fulfills who I really am:
“Global Ambassador of Love, Unity and Possibility”

So, who are you?

Oh, I don’t mean your job title, your name or your gender;
I mean who are you “designed to be”?

It’s an important question to ponder when you realize that
“You Will Never Rise Above the Image You Have Of Yourself!”

Your self-view is like a magnet attracting the exact people, ideas
and opportunities to you. So, a good way to discover what your
self-view is, is to look around your physical world. Whatever
you currently have in your life represents the current level of
your self-view.

Don’t let this conversation be a bummer!

Let it open your mind and heart to what’s TRUE; and that truth is:
Your “Self-View” works like a GPS guiding everything…. directing
everyone to either be attracted to you or to repel you.

In my next post I’ll continue the conversation (exactly how I train
and inspire my Coaching Clients) to teach you how to grow and cultivate
your self-view to attract abundance, fun, love and, most important…
Self-Expression (Expressing your TRUE self)!

For now, feel free to join in the conversation and answer the question,
“What is your current Self-View?”

Forever Creating;


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.